Bucharest Snaps

I’ve just got back from a short break in Bucharest.  A few people have asked to see photos so I’m putting the impersonal* ones here on my blog for easy access.  It was my first time in the city and I didn’t really know what to expect.  It turned out to be a very interesting place and I would definitely go back.  The photos don’t show everything that we saw but I hope that they give a flavour of what visitors can expect to see in the “old town” area.  Please click on one of the circles if you want a proper look at the photos.

*I don’t post photos of any of my family except myself, and I didn’t take any selfies. 🙂


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  1. A wonderful collection of architectural photography Sarah, for which many thanks. I hope you are keeping well; it seems like a long time since we heard from you. All best wishes, Hariod. ❤


    • Thank you Hariod. It’s been lovely to read all your comments. I am quite well but my blog has gone off the boil, so to speak. I hope you are also in good health and good cheer. My best wishes to you also. 🙂

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  2. Welcome back. Thanks for feeding my need this week for beautiful architecture. We’ve torn down in my town most of the beautiful old (by US standards) buildings. Wednesday I was drawn to a town 10 miles away for a “nature” walk along the river. I ended up taking mostly photos of old walls and bridges and roof lines. I really enjoyed the ones you shared. How was the food there? I love trying new cuisine.

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    • There isn’t that much big old architecture here in rural Ireland either so it was great to see so much in Bucharest. As for the food, well, we weren’t very adventurous. The local restaurants cater to tourists so they offered familiar things like pizza and pasta. There were lots of little snack shops though that sold pastries that I hadn’t come across before. I didn’t try any of the sweet ones but the cheese and plain ones were yummy (and, as a bonus, they were also cheap).


  3. Wonderful, most wonderful. Just as I’m preparing to put blogging aside, one of my favourite blogs re-appears. Please accept one baton, and I look forward to reading much more from you during my own sabbatical.


    • Thanks Simon, how kind of you. 🙂 I see your blog has been very active again recently. I look forward eagerly to catching up. It’s always a pleasure, but doubly so now since you seem to be discussing places like Exeter and Bath, which are much more familiar to me than other places you have written about.


  4. Stunning architecture, and your photos capture so much of it. The “old town” of any city is typically the part I am most interested in. I’m glad to see you back, Sarah.


    • Thanks Crystal. I’m not a very well traveled person but I can see how the old parts of most cities would be more interesting than the newer parts. What is your favourite old town area (so far)?

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      • I loved the old town of Rhodes. Narrow, hand-cobbled streets and packed full of fabulous historical stories, and real cannonballs in one of the three moats, and a central town square. Avignon – for all the same reasons, except for the cannonballs, but there is a ruined bridge!

        You are right though: any city I visit, the old town is the best part of it.


      • They sound wonderful. If I ever get the chance, I will check them out. 🙂

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  5. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Wow… Is Bucharest a travel destination? It looks nice…


  6. Wow. These are great. I want that book shop, it looks like a person could get lost in there for days. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Thanks for sharing some of your pics Sarah, It’s nice to see you back again 😀 It looks lovely, I hope you and your family had a great time, I can see why you would go back! LOL you and your rooves 😉 though they are very interesting! I should make arrangements for you to go to work with my Dearest – he being a roofer an all!!! 🙂


  8. What interesting architecture!


  9. Wonderful photographs. Really enjoyed them, thank you so much. It’s always good when you want to go BACK to a place you’ve been:)


  10. ☺ happy wednesday to you by Rinaldo from Venice Italy .

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