Crossword Mug

Mother’s Day is coming here in the British Isles so I decided to make something for my mum.  It’s a design for a mug.  I hope it will be shipped in time. Here’s the side facing the drinker:

crosswordmugfacingAnd here’s the side facing out:

crosswordmugoutI hope I catch her on a good day or I could be in trouble. 😉


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  1. What a lovely idea I bet she loves it when it arrives 😉


  2. Okay you got me what does “zroobness” mean?


  3. i imagine her
    smiling proudly
    at her daughter
    drinking something hot 🙂


  4. Too funny, can she fill in the blanks?


  5. How fabulous is THAT? What a wonderful idea. She will love it:)


  6. Creative! That must have been fun. I hope it shows up in time too. Nice that you get a visit with your mother.


  7. This is a great idea 😀 I think she will love it!


  8. I’d never get zroobness. Huh?


  9. I like it, but what’s “zroobness”?


    • It’s a very recent addition to the English language. 😉 Zroobness is “the quality of being ‘zroob’” and being “zroob” means being totally relaxed and/or doing unproductive things without feeling guilty about it, e.g. like when you sit outside with a coffee watching the sunset. 😀 (If you have time, you might want to read through some of the comments above.)

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  10. How fun! And I’m glad to learn the meaning of zroob. A badly needed concept/ attitude/behavior.


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