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Going Slowly

Since Friday (the 13th, coincidentally) I’ve been battling with a nasty bug.  I completely missed the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this year 😦  I’ve just started to come out of it now but I’m still recovering.  I just wanted to apologise for not interacting in the blogosphere as much as I normally do.  That situation is likely to continue for a while as I recover my stamina.  May I make a small request?  I normally love comments but I can’t face answering too many just now.  If you can’t resist leaving me a message :), is it okay if I just “Like” it rather than replying in full?  Many thanks in advance.  I look forward to catching up with you all properly when I’m firing on all cylinders again.


Doctoral Dance

A blogging friend, Colleen, sent me a link to this enjoyable and interesting TED talk:

Most readers of this blog wouldn’t find it hard to guess that I think that funding for the arts is important.  My interest in science is more disguised.  Science-related topics don’t appear on my blog very often because I consider this to be an “arts and crafts” blog.  I can only think of two posts – here and here – where I deal with any kind of overlap between art and science.  There is a beauty to mathematics that I’ve wanted to make visible to non-mathematicians for a long time but have never found a satisfactory way of doing so.  I think it’s wonderful that scientists are finding artistic ways to get their message across.  However, as I think Bohannon is trying to suggest at the end of the video, maybe we should just enjoy the arts for their inherent qualities.  Surely that is better than trying to justify their existence by mashing them into the service of science?

By the way, if you want to see a lighter side to mathematics, but also learn something, then try clicking here.

Robin Rejoicing

(Modified photograph.)


Crossword Mug

Mother’s Day is coming here in the British Isles so I decided to make something for my mum.  It’s a design for a mug.  I hope it will be shipped in time. Here’s the side facing the drinker:

crosswordmugfacingAnd here’s the side facing out:

crosswordmugoutI hope I catch her on a good day or I could be in trouble. 😉