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Copper Knot Experiment Continues




Copper Knot WIP

There’s a painting I’ve been wanting to re-do for a while now.  I started the original because I had a lot of leftover orange paint from a previous painting.  What a terrible reason to start a painting!  Anyway, I’d been wanting to do something with a knot that I’ve been toying with for years.  (I was playing with it in 2013.)  I wanted to make the knot the star of the show rather than it being used to frame or decorate something.  I ended up with something a bit seventies; somebody even called it “funky”.

justknotpaintingEver since I finished the painting, I’ve been wanting to paint out the orange ring.  Also, I had wanted the central knot to look 3D but it never happened.  On the plus side, I like the colours in the outer stripes, they remind me of ice cream somehow.  So, what have I been up to.  Well, rather than slap some more paint over the top I thought I’d try out some ideas in Manga Studio.  Here’s pretty much the original colour scheme but with a 3D knot using my newly-acquired skills at imitating old copper.justknotorigcoloursAnd here’s where I’ve tried to limit the colour palette slightly and add some texture.

justknotsnewcoloursIt’s still looking a little too funky for my taste so I’m going to keep experimenting.  I’ll probably do a cut-down digital version composed mainly of the copper knot.

Two important videos

These are life-changing videos. If you only have time to watch one, watch the first. Please.

Our Compass

Beyond Carnism and toward Rational, Authentic Food Choices | Melanie Joy |

Melanie Joy on Carnism and other food choices. Find out more via

Melanie Joy, Ph.D., Ed.M., is a Harvard-educated psychologist, professor of psychology and sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, a celebrated speaker, and the author of the award-winning book Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows. Melanie is the eighth recipient of the Institute of Jainology’s Ahimsa Award, which was previously awarded to Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. Her work has been featured by numerous national and international media outlets, including the BBC, Germany’s ARD, ABC Australia, the New York Times, and Spiegel Online. Melanie has given her acclaimed carnism presentation on five continents, and she is also the founder and president of the project Karnismus erkennen and of Carnism Awareness & Action Network.

This talk was given at a…

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A Glimpse

My first tanka.

Glimpse TankaIn response to Artists For Peace March prompt I would say: take a walk somewhere green.  🙂

Only 15 Days To Go


Please get involved.

A Matter of Perspective

After following the link in a blog post, and seeing some eye-popping calligraphy there, I was inspired to have a go.  This is my first attempt.  I’ve found that it’s not so easy to write on a slant!