Gigantic poetry

I have difficulty relating to a lot of poetry but Frédéric’s usually moves me. I think it’s because he usually includes a visual element along with the words. I need gigantic poetry to stir my myopic heart. 🙂 Thanks Frédéric.

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  1. Sara, any recommendations on what I can/should read of Frédéric’s?


  2. Meaning, Sarah…sorry.


  3. You’re welcome Sarah! I do thank you!


    • I get frustrated that I can’t show my appreciation on your blog any more (don’t worry – I accept that that’s my problem, not yours) so I felt moved to say something here. I’m glad you don’t mind. (You don’t mind, do you?) ❤


    • Sorry Frédéric, I think I’m going senile. I thought Likes and comments were disabled on your blog but now I see plenty of Likes there, and, more embarrassing, I see I’ve Liked one of your recent posts.
      Embarrassment aside, I’m glad that I’ll be able to Like you again. 😉


  4. I often find it hard to appreciate poetry, and I’m glad when there are lines that get right through the fuzz in my brain. Sometimes poetry does exactly what it’s supposed to do to me. I like Gigantic Poetry. I also liked Dead Birds and Honeymoon.

    I’ve been reading a lot of Maureen Sudlow’s poetry. Recently this one struck me:


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