Cranes and Flower Fanfare

My blog is a little quiet at the moment so I thought I’d reblog an old post with a bit of an update here. I took the cranes and some other origami and art to a local primary school shortly after I wrote the post. I was very surprised that it was the boys who were interested in the cranes. (They’re very pretty so I thought they would attract female admirers.) Anyway I gave the cranes away to the boys and they enjoyed zooming around the room with them!
The floral fanfare ended up in Japan as a thank-you gift for my penpal’s mother who had knitted me a fabulous two-bobbled hat.

Anglo-Saxon Celt Creates

I’ve just made a pile of cranes out of the little square pieces of washi paper that my Japanese penpal sent me.  They are so pretty I think I might die from cuteness overload.  The photo doesn’t do them justice.  If you click on the picture you’ll be able to see them better.  (The pen is there for size reference.)


I also added some 5-petalled lilies to the lily model.  I’m calling it “Spring Herald”; the colour reminds me of snowdrops.


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  1. How wonderful! I am glad the boys liked them 🙂

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  2. I don’t understand why the girls weren’t interested because they are very pretty but I knew as soon as I read the words ‘primary school’ that the boys would use them as planes!

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  3. I heard vandals have broken into an origami exhibition and ruined all the exhibits.

    Police are trying to work out how events unfolded.

    😉 H ❤

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  4. Did the boys ask how to make more? The boys certainly turned the cranes into kinesthetic art — how fun. 😀


    • No they didn’t. I was wondering whether anyone would ask but it wasn’t the right kind of event for that. Everyone was socializing and waiting for the children’s concert to start.
      I was really pleased that the boys enjoyed the cranes though. I hope that when they took them home they got interested enough to find out more. Or maybe they’ve been primed to take an interest in papercraft in the future. As you know from planting your seeds, you don’t always get to find out how things turn out.

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