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A friend of mine is having a book launch on Friday night (7:30pm at the Linenhall, Castlebar, Co. Mayo to be precise).  The book is being discounted on Amazon at the moment and if you “Look Inside” you can read the Introduction and the first part of Chapter 1.  I’ve just read this, and was intrigued by his ideas.  There is a website where you can read more about the book and the author.  Georg is a wonderful and interesting man, who lives in a wonderful and interesting house in the wilds of rural Mayo.  (His wife is wonderful and interesting too: hi Bettina 😉 )  If you have the time, I would be delighted if you took a look at his book.


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  1. Thank you for the heads up it sounds interesting.


  2. Alas I don’t think I’ll get a flight in time so if you go please tell me all about it. Thanks for sharing. 😀 It’s an interesting concept the energy of spaces. Yesterday, on a show about sacred spaces a woman was in India and commented about the amazing energy where she was. What intrigued me was that she wondered whether the space was sacred and that energy drew the people there or did so many people go there with great energy that it became a sacred space.


    • Sorry about the short notice, maybe next time? 😉
      I’ve wondered about the cause-and-effect of energetic places too. Ireland has always seemed a much more sacred place to me than, say, England. And within Ireland itself there are places that seem closer to the divine than others. Or is it the energy that I bring to those places and the energy of the people around me that makes the places special? I don’t know.


    • I didn’t make it to the launch – there was a terrible storm that night – but here is a video of the launch for anyone who’s interested:


  3. Would love to be in Mayo! It’s from where my maternal grandmother hails. All the best with your friend’s book signing.


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