With regards to my previous post, here is a link to a petition on  If you wish to sign it and are not affiliated with NUI Galway please put an “N” in the Comments section of the petition.  Please also indicate whether you are male or female by entering “M” or “F” in the Comments box (I forgot to do this bit, whoops 😦 ).

Thank you for your attention.


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  1. Signed, added N, F. Thank you!


  2. It’s great that you are getting involved, and I support anything to promote women’s rights and equality. As the mother of a transgendered child, I hope that women’s equality victories will soon translate into equality for gender no matter how a person expresses it. What does gender have to do with one’s value in a workforce anyway? Aside from drawing talent from multiple genders in order to gain the benefit of multiple perspectives, of course.


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