Just playing with layers and gradations in Manga Studio. Inspired by the view from the bathtub this morning. 🙂 skylight

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  1. I don’t see streaks. It appears very evenly applied.


  2. Love the blue sky. We had blue skies here for about an hour and now the clouds are rolling in again — so I’ll take beautiful blue skies anywhere I can see them. 😀


  3. Art in the simplest things!


  4. Very cool and actually abstract in the nicest way:)


  5. At first glance I thought well, okay… but something made me sit and look for a while and the beauty of the simplicity started to come through. I like the slim triangle at the lower corner transitioning between the bright vertical frame layers and the darker horizontal ones. Then I began to wonder what was on the other side of the window besides the sky. With the WordPress snowflakes falling it became quite magical. Beauty is all around us in everything if we only look!


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