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Two Bikes Two Lights

I’ve just finished making a digital version of my painting Two Bikes Two Lights.

Here is the original sketch I did years ago:

bikesketchsmallI originally did two versions in acrylic paint, one with this colour scheme:

TwoBikesTwoLights BYsmallAnd one with this colour scheme:

TwoBikesTwoLights GsmallNow that I have a digital version of the design it’s really easy to change the colour scheme.  I’ve added quite a few versions to my DeviantArt Gallery where you can download them for free, or pay to have them printed.  I’m planning to order one as a present so I will let you know what the print quality is like in a future post.


Thank you

Many thanks to everyone who visited Mich’s blog and signed her petition.  I really appreciate your support. 😀

Blog about Mich

With regards to my posts about Mich’s victory and petition, here is a new WordPress blog where you can find more information:

It would be great if some of you could visit and show them that there is international support for the cause.  Thank you.  🙂

Christmas Swag

swagsmlSally and I managed to squeeze in another crafting session before she heads off to the States.  She wanted to make a swag for the town crib.  We started with the same method as for the wreaths, making bundles of greenery (conifer, ivy, holly, etc.) cut from Sally’s shrubs and trees at the Mill.  We fastened the bundles with cable ties and then hung them on a piece of washing line.  We then fastened baubles and ribbons between each bundle and disguised the fastenings with beads and ribbons.  Sally will be adding a few little extras once the swag has been hung on the crib.


With regards to my previous post, here is a link to a petition on  If you wish to sign it and are not affiliated with NUI Galway please put an “N” in the Comments section of the petition.  Please also indicate whether you are male or female by entering “M” or “F” in the Comments box (I forgot to do this bit, whoops 😦 ).

Thank you for your attention.

Victory Against Discrimination

Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington in 1916
I just heard last night that a friend has finally won her legal battle against her employer.

Micheline Sheehy Skeffington (granddaughter of suffragette Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington – pictured) has recently won a long-fought case against Galway University for discrimination based on gender.  She has offered to use the €70,000 damages to help the five other women who were not promoted along with her to take a case.  Here is the Irish Times article:

 Mich says that the claim at the end of the article, that she has offered to be part of the university’s task force, is false:

It has been reported that I have agreed to help the University with their task force. I have not agreed to do anything formal like this. It does not take a task force to promote 5 women or address the recent round of promotions that was also flawed. These must be addressed first. On Tuesday, I will be making public my 3 conditions to being officially involved in any way. We plan to get as many supporters as possible to come to the NUI Galway Quadrangle at 1.15pm for the announcement of these conditions. The media will be present, hopefully RTÉ TV as well as members of the print press who have already extensively reported our case.

Imitation Copper

Today I’ve been trying to follow the instructions on painting copper in the “Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop”.  Here’s what I’ve managed to get so far using Manga Studio:

copperI’m happy with the top half, not so happy with the bottom part, but I’m tired now so I’m going to leave it for another day.


Just playing with layers and gradations in Manga Studio. Inspired by the view from the bathtub this morning. 🙂 skylight

Wintry Update

Sally is going to be spending the Christmas season in the U.S. so we did our Christmas crafting yesterday.  This is our third time making wreaths together (see this post for another one) and I love it.  The smell of the greenery is delicious, and I love combining the different textures and colours.  I had intended to take more photos of the process but I was almost finished before I remembered to take my camera out.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos I did take.  I’ve included a few seasonal views of “The Mountain” too.