Introducing Manga Studio 5

I’m still working hard to get familiar with the techniques of digital art and the features of the Manga Studio software. Here is my post from 2013 that explains a little more about what’s involved.

Anglo Saxon Celt Creates Art and Craft

I just love Manga Studio 2As you might have read on my About page, I am planning to convert some of my artwork into digital form.  I also plan to create new digital pieces directly.  I would have liked to have invested in Photoshop but I couldn’t afford it.  Instead I have bought something called Manga Studio 5, which is a lot cheaper.  I also bought a (cheap) graphics tablet.  Manga Studio is a graphics tool designed for people who create manga (Japanese comics).  The picture on the left only took me a few minutes to produce.  However, there’s a steep learning curve with both Manga Studio and the graphics tablet.  Drawing with them involves a whole new form of hand-eye coordination. So far, I love using them.  It can be a little frustrating at times, like when I can’t remember how I produced a particular effect.  There are mountains of features to…

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  1. Looks awesome! That is such a complex drawing to do in a few minutes! Wow! Love your artwork! You are so talented!


  2. A great idea. I can wait to see your creations. You really are very talented.
    Have a wonderful day and happiness, Sarah! ❤ 🙂


  3. I don’t see any pics. Did it disappear?


    • Sorry about that. I don’t know why you can’t see any pics. 😦 This is a reblog though, so maybe if you go to the original post you’ll be able to see them?


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