Coming to terms with being a nerd

Instead of playing intermission muzak I’m reblogging my old posts to fill the space while I concentrate on my latest project. Here’s my second post on this blog:

Anglo Saxon Celt Creates Art and Craft

Geeks vs NerdsI know many people who love adventures.  The kind of people who get their kicks from jumping off bridges with a bungee rope attached to their ankles, scuba diving in coral reefs, hang gliding over canyons, that kind of thing.  People find adventurers interesting and admirable.  I used to feel that I ought to try to be adventurous too.  It was something that I aspired to.  If only I had the money, I could be like them too…

I went up in a glider once.   I tried to force myself into a state of awe at being up in the air with no engine.  It didn’t work.  The bang I got on the elbows when we landed cancelled out any positive feelings I had about the experience.  I pretended that I had enjoyed it but I wouldn’t bother to do it again.  At the time, I blamed my lack of…

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  1. Ha! Love this, Sarah. I must confess that up till now, I thought the two words were pretty much synonymous. No longer! Thanks for the vivid, humorous and informative explication. xo


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