Transparent Pixels

PPonyTransSmlThis is really a note-to-self that may be of interest to other Manga Studio users.  I spent hours trying to figure something out that turned out to be really, really simple.  I hope I save someone (including my forgetful self in the future) hours of hair-pulling.

The way to preserve transparent pixels (such as those around the horse on the left) when saving to an output file is to use the PNG file format.  That’s it.  No mucking about with alpha channels and other such mysterious things that come up when you search for information on the Internet.


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  1. Quote “I spent hours trying to figure something out that turned out to be really, really simple.” This is the story of my life. Although it is often months or years vs hours.


  2. I won’t even begin to tell you how long it took me to work out how to do certain things with Photoshop – I’d be far too embarrassed!


  3. Yeah it is like the time I was running all over the house looking for my car keys and they were in my hand.


  4. Trying to figure out stuff on the computer is when I wish I worked with other people. Being able to learn from and teach others made the computer challenges much easier.


  5. Hi Sarah,
    What an amazing texture you drew! Your previous horse still have bought happy feelings.
    I am sure this horse will make people happy as well! 😀


  6. As they say,…no pain, no gain!!! 😀 But in the end it is all worthwhile to have achieved and learnt something new, right Sarah?? 🙂


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