Me, For Sale.

I so get where Mica is coming from, and I love the Winnicott quote. Mica’s art is fabulous, original and edgy. If you’re looking for unusual Christmas gifts this would be a great place to start. (P.S. I didn’t get paid to write this! I just wanted to share it with you because I like Mica’s art.)

busy mockingbird

I am not good at selling myself.  I’m horrible.

You might say, “wait, don’t you WORK in marketing??”  And I would respond with “I am a graphic artist.  I just put together eye-catching imagery.”

Once, after I got out of the army, I had a job where I had to call up existing clients and offer to schedule them for their yearly meetings.  It was the closest thing to a telemarketer I had ever been (even though it was for EXISTING clients who probably NEEDED to schedule their yearly appointments), and I was often treated as one.  I hated it.  When they were short with me or shoot me down, my attitude was, “Oh.  Okay, then.”  Way to make that hard sell, Mica!

I’ve SEEN people be good at it, and it’s sort of amazing to watch.  I was once a graphic artist for an auto ad sales department, and…

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  1. Very cool artwork. Thanks for introducing us.

    Love yours, too! Seems like you should do greeting cards, or something. I love great art on cards.


  2. It’s funny how people will say, “The product will sell itself,” when the first thing you have to do is convince someone to put it where it can be seen.


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