Death Cat – Halloween version

This piece started with a photo off Wikimedia Commons.  It was inspired by a series of posts on Gigi’s blog called Conversation With Death which is now being turned into a book. Meepglowsml


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  1. yeseventhistoowillpass

    That is one scary meower!


  2. A perfect timely creation – love it! 🙂


  3. Definitely not a warm and fuzzy kitty. Very fitting for All Hallows Eve. 😀


  4. “Meep,” Death Cat said thank you and she likes it very much:) ❤


  5. Reblogged this on Rethinking Life and commented:
    Sarah is doing this fabulous artwork which was inspired by Death Cat, “Meep,” in Conversations with Death. I’m grateful and Death Cat loves it, “Meep.”

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  6. I can relate. My cat doesn’t get outside much and yesterday she killed a butterfly. She was so proud and I was so sad in response to her pride.


    • Oh dear, poor butterfly. I stopped feeding the birds because it seemed mean to attract them into the killing zone. 😦 Still, I had a dead rat delivered to the doorstep this morning so I’m not quite so sad about that death.

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  7. They do love to deliver gifts! I had a cat, years ago, big old marmalade tom with a prissy walk and prissier meow. During summers, my neighbor had a wonderful vegetable garden. Well Sam B loved vegetables, blueberries, watermelon, rose blooms. Periodically I would go to step out my back door and there would a pile of “killed” vegetables, usually small with blooms still attached. She also told me he had taken to biting some of the tomatoes that weren’t enclosed in their growing cages. I apologized and she laughed and said she had plenty to share with a fat cat who would rather hunt veggies than birds……


  8. I don’t know what is happening Sarah, but I do not see your blog on the reader. the truth is I hardly see blogs i follow on the reader. What is happening? I feel blogging is perhaps going off the boil for many. what do you think. Eve – (I am thinking of writing a post on social media, do you think a post like that would be timely. ) again Eve xxx


    • The WordPress Reader can be glitchy at times. I’ve been having a different problem with my Reader (“Like”s disappearing), and I know of several other people who are also having the same problem. For me, the benefits of blogging outweigh the glitches so I’m willing to put up with them for the time being.
      I don’t know whether blogging is “going off the boil”. I think that there are some people who try blogging for a bit and give up, some who give up only to come back (I fall into this category), and some who blog for years and years. As for other social media, I can only guess. I left Facebook because it started to become an unpleasant and empty experience for me. There seem to be a lot more small businesses on there vying for attention these days. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing but it’s not something I want to be exposed to on a daily basis. I joined Facebook to stay in touch with distant family and friends but it turned into just another outlet for consumerism and hot air. Blogging can be an outlet for consumerism but it is easier to ignore. 🙂
      I think a post on social media would indeed be timely and I would be interested to read it.


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