Paw Teddy

At last I have a cat with plain paw pads so I can do this:


(By the way, I drew on the photo, not on the kitty.)


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  1. Awh that is so cute! I love that you clarified that! Too cute! Happy Monday!


  2. I love this soooo much:) Happy paw:)


  3. Love it! I am owned by a few cats myself!


  4. Adorable. But did you take you life into your own hands getting a shot of the pads? I just tried to look at Lok’s pads and she was having none of it.


  5. That is very cute!


  6. Very Beautiful, my Dear Sarah! Wonderful that Nature has created such a perfect ‘Paw’ and what You have made out of it! Kudos! 🙂


  7. This paw teddy is beyond cute. It certainly will give me a new way of looking at their paw pads!


  8. Reblogged this on kanzen sakura and commented:
    Sarah is an excellent and creative artist. I love this different perspective of a cat’s paw….go visit her website, BTW


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