Death Cat in Progress



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  1. I’m not sure where this one is going. But you’ve piqued my interest. Did the cat eat the bird?


  2. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this. You are fabulous. This is incredible. Death Cat will be so happy. Don’t worry about the book. I’ll just take out the ones you’ve read. I’m working on Book 2, as I said:) I love this, absolutely love it. Thank you soooo much


  3. LOL I hit the wrong button so it looks as if I’m following you again but I meant to hit reblog:)

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  4. Reblogged this on Rethinking Life and commented:
    Beautiful artwork by Sarah. I love this.

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  5. How perfect for Halloween.


  6. I am so happy about you mentioning Death Cat. Thank you so very much. My grandmother would have LOVED being with your grandparents. She was exactly like them and they would have gotten along famously. She would have been singing and dancing and smoking and (I never saw her drink but who knows) just having a wonderful. They could have read cards and tea leaves until the wee hours. My grandmother was always laughing and having a great time:) If only:) Thank you again. I erased the book. <3<3


    • I don’t think I can reply to your other comments now that the book is gone so I’ll do it here.
      It wasn’t hard for me to finish the book quickly. It was just packed with such deep truth and raw humour that it was a healing experience that I was happy to take time for. I’m so, so sorry that it came from such pain ❤ but I'm overjoyed that it saved you and that you are sharing it so that it can help others. I can't wait for you to announce that both books are available. I don't know if I can do anything with a Kindle version (not having a Kindle) but if they're available as old-fashioned paper books or in a form I can read on a laptop I'll buy them off Amazon for sure.
      My nanna had the best smile. She was so naughty. We loved to have a good giggle together. 😀 I never saw my grandad drink and he used to give his Navy ration of rum away (maybe being around clubs so much put him off) but my nan enjoyed a nightcap. One of her sayings was "A little bit of what you fancy does you good." She lived to nearly a hundred so she might have been on to something.
      Anyway, thank you again for sharing CWD and Death Cat. Good luck with CWD2. I'm happy to proofread if you need another pair of eyes. I'm quite good at spotting typos. 🙂


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