Taking a Moment to Just Breathe

liffe is good SMALL

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  1. your theme, presentation is powerful!


  2. Thanks I really needed the reminder that “Life is Good.” All things happen at the perfect moment. Peace.


  3. Breathing is good:) I like it:) ❤


  4. Great composition. Is this your third try at Manga? In any case, I’m impressed.


  5. Ahhhh, I feel better already.


  6. I would like something more like: ‘God is Good,’ my Dear Sarah! Life? Well, I would say it is Tough.


  7. The above would read better as: ‘I would to say something more like…!’


  8. Excuse my mistakes. Can’t find an ‘Edit’ in these comments. ‘I would like to say something more like…’ etc, please.


    • Sorry you were having trouble with the comments Baba. I understand what you were trying to say. If you hover your mouse pointer over the grey bar above each comment can you see two buttons (REPLY and EDIT) appear? I can see them but I don’t know whether anybody else can.
      I designed this piece as an affirmation, a way to remind myself that despite all the hardships it’s good to be alive. It’s easy to lose track of the goodness when one is getting bogged down with bad news and dealing with everyday annoyances.

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  9. Brilliantly done, Sarah!


  10. Ok I believe I will and need to! 😄💗


  11. ❤ I know you sent this is for December…but don't hate me…I'm adding it to the Random Acts of Art and Kindness post 🙂 Cause I want to 😀


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