Gigi, duck!

This is for Gigi.  If you want to find out why click here or here.



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  1. Okay!!!! I’m going to make breakfast and watch the TED talk. I skipped over it yesterday. But the Law of Attraction keeps bringing it back to me. I have just seen a photo of a giant rubber duck in various harbors around the world. And a story about a playground in Ithaca NY where they allow the children to play without parental interference — with tires and boards and mud… this playground is takeoff from a playground in Wales. In Wales, apparently. the kids are allowed to use hammers, nails, saws. (There are trained playground personnel who intervene only if necessary and in the least controlling way possible). Anyway your Wales’ rubber duck has led me back to the video. I don’t know if that makes any sense but to me there are no coincidences. I am most excited. 😀


  2. The TED talk is GREAT. I’m glad I didn’t miss it. Dave Eggers who started the “Pirate Shop” has two TED talks that are wonderful if you haven’t seen them.


  3. Sarah!!!! I just love him. So adorable with his tattoos. Wonderful. Thank you so much for letting me see him. My ducks will want to write to him, I just know it.


  4. I watched the first part and became hooked. I will have to come back to it. When these TED talks are good they are very good.


  5. Isn’t Gigi so much fun to send duck things to? My daughter and I do this and we love it. This week we sent her duck and little animals and I’m waiting to hear her response! 😀 I love the tattoo duck. I can’t go anywhere and see a duck that I don’t think of her! 😀


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