Finished Dream

finisheddreamOkay, so I chickened out and stuck with black and white.  But I am using colour on my next piece, which is well under way.


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  1. Okay I do have color blindness issues with blue/purple/black but it looks colored black and blue to me. 😀 I love it no matter what color it is. ❤ I think that chickening out is really called artistic integrity. 😀 Looking forward to the next piece.


    • Thanks Colleen. ❤ It's interesting to hear that you see colour in this piece. Each person sees a piece of art in their own way. That's one reason why I try not to explain my pieces too much. What it means to me won't be what it means to anybody else. I'd rather people have their own experience of a piece rather than me trying to force my intentions on them.


  2. I’ll be curious what everyone else sees because my entire piece where there would be white is blue. Maybe it is the “Fates” intervening because I said I liked the blue in your practice piece so much. 😀


  3. That’s one dream you won’t forget the moment you wake up. Fabulous!


  4. As the artist of a piece the finished item should be of your own decision, which is why I didn’t intervene when you were in different stages of trial and error. I am pleased that you practised on copies rather than the original, It is something I always do too. I absolutely love that you made a final choice of leaving this piece as black and white…it looks totally amazing!!! Loving all your new work Sarah 🙂


  5. You are so talented! I love it regardless of color, the patterns are wonderful!


  6. This is insanely detailed. I forget the guy’s name, but you’d blow the host of that Drawing Station show off his stool (if it still airs anywhere). You take 3-D to the extreme. It lacks something dreamy. But, whoa, the detail and depth.


    • Thanks Writingbolt. I’ve just been over to your blog. I’m a bit disappointed you don’t have a Like button I can hit because I liked the post I read. 🙂
      You’re right, I didn’t quite get the dreamy aspect in there. I’ll have to leave that to your imagination instead. 🙂


      • I’m a bit of an anti-Fbook person. I don’t even like using the full name:P I feel it’s a trending nuisance in so many lives. And, stuff like that worries me about future seen only in Terminator movies (so far).

        I thought you’d be disappointed I don’t have more of my own artwork on my blog. I’m a little disappointed myself. But, I also don’t have much enthusiasm in putting my work here, anymore. I feel, for some, it’s how they share with family and friends instead of doing it in person. Some do it with hopes of doing shows or getting “published.” Whatever the case, I just don’t feel…as interested. I’ve made efforts to showcase certain pieces and send out e-cards I made every year. But, I just didn’t feel it did any good. So, I slowly stopped trying. I still create…just not as much as I once did. The giving tree dried up a little when it seemed like the world didn’t care or took too much.

        I prefer people to comment than click a cold, lifeless button. People click LIKE and FRIEND just to collect things like stickers and pictures off Google. But, what is the REAL feeling?

        Maybe turn DREAM into more of a hammock? My mind certainly goes places looking at the piece. But, you tell me to put my dreams there. Instead, I am inclined to create something of my own. So, maybe the message is “Get out there and be creative” instead of “Lay your head here and dream.”


      • Since you call yourself “writing”bolt I wasn’t expecting an art blog so I wasn’t disappointed. However, now that you’ve told me that you do art as well as writing I AM disappointed. 😦
        I know what you mean about Fbook. I gave up my account a few months ago and haven’t regretted it. However, I do appreciate the Like button in WordPress because sometimes I don’t have the time to comment. Sorry. If I like a post though I really mean it.


      • I am a creative spirit, plain and simple…though I am far from plain or simple:P I create in nearly every conceivable way. I could even be a Greek god of the arts…or a muse. I am Writingbolt because this is essentially a place of text and digits. I picked a “face” that fit the framework. I picked out a uniform. For all to get along, it’s usually better to be “When in Rome” than just make oneself at home when you didn’t put up the walls and lay the floor. I’m hardly a yesman or soldier, but I know how getting along may require blending in a bit. I’d rather not make waves…but my words do. Thus, I occasionally unleash lightning. And, therein came the name. I write with impulse and forceful feeling. I stir a while before I strike. Inspiration comes in a flash. I am not one of routine or regularity. Nor is the weather.

        If you saw my About Me page, you might get more of an impression I am that spirit:) I am not just a man of many words:P

        Not having the time is a bit of an excuse, isn’t it? If we don’t have the time, then saying so isn’t really worth much either, is it? I don’t want someone at an art show telling me they’re so busy with someone on their cellphone that they can’t comment. Just go about your business and leave me be til you have the time, I’d tell that person.

        When you have the time, you may comment. I’d like that. And, I’ll use more than one word to let you know:)


      • I did see your About page. I’m not good with flashing images (they give me migraines) so I didn’t spend long on there, sorry.
        I understand your point about Likes but saying I don’t have time is not an excuse. When I have something worthwhile to say I say it. If I commented on all the posts I read each day I would never get anything else done. I know because I used to spend most of my day on WordPress, and that was when I followed less blogs. Now I spend time with the bloggers who spend time with me, or who are just so amazing I can’t stay away.


      • Sorry if the few images that flash bother your eyes. Could it also be an extended use of the computer problem? I used to get migraines when I spent 8 plus hours staring at these screens. I’m trying not to repeat that. I think certain eye/gene types are weak against PC screens.

        So, you clicking LIKE is because you have no other way of saying you like something you see/read? Really?

        Well, I think you said it yourself. You’re stretching your time thin by getting involved here when other more important priorities need your focus. Comments on a blog are dessert. Not breakfast, lunch or dinner.

        And, I used to spend too much time with chat rooms and other sites before I entered the world of blog. I know the temptation to escape only to be left guilty for abandoning what I may not care to face. The moth and the bug zapper.

        “Can’t stay away” are dangerous words. When you find yourself saying them, try to step outside and take a few deep breaths. The rest of the world is out there looking for you, too.


      • Thank you for the advice. It’s difficult to get the balance right.
        I hope you have a great day wherever you are. 🙂


      • Understood. And, trust me, I am not entirely balanced myself. It makes me sick how people can get sucked into stuff like this. What comes with good intent or possibility seems laced with the risk and temptation of something darker.

        You, too. Happy thoughts.


  7. This still looks FANTASTIC! 🙂 Mod Art-ish. Very 70’s! I like that.


  8. Am glad you stuck with black and white Sarah, it looks great!! ❤


  9. Can’t wait to see what colours occupy your dream 🙂


  10. "A Curious Mind"

    “Wow!” I really like this one.. . Awesome! 😉


  11. "A Curious Mind"

    Reblogged this on "A Curious Mind".


  12. I love all the detail – You draw what I can only close my eyes and imagine…


  13. Lovely. I love your idea of laying that quote by John Keating at the foot of DREAM.

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