Animals Rights is the Greatest Social Justice Issue Since the Abolition of Slavery

This is a fabulous speech. It won’t make you feel warm and fuzzy but it might change your life.

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SourceFree From Harm
ByFree From Harm Staff Writers

Philip Wollen shakes the rafters of the auditorium with this 10-minute speech to the St James Ethics Centre and the Wheeler Centre debate in Australia on May 16, 2012. The larger debate consists of six speakers, three that make the case for getting animals off the menu and three that make the case against it. Wollen is a former VP of Citibank and Australian philanthropist who is known to keep out of the limelight. But he sure rose to the challenge for this debate to deliver a huge performance and a powerful message. Bravo!

Join Philip Wollen and the Kindness Trust on their Facebook page. Watch the full debate with all six speakers.

This is the transcript to the speech:

On behalf of St James Ethics Centre, the Wheeler Centre,
The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, The Age
The City…

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  1. I agree with all that is said. I have cut down on meat consumption. I choose free range…. but when I eliminate meat from my diet I become anemic — any suggestions? I would really love to be vegetarian but my body is not cooperating.


    • I’m not an expert on nutrition but I think that the body needs Vitamin C to absorb iron. Drinking lots of tea (and to a lesser degree coffee) can reduce iron uptake a lot. I also seem to remember that while spinach is regarded as a food that is high in iron it also contains a substance that inhibits its uptake. Iron supplements are generally also quite hard to digest. My family uses a form of dissolved iron compound that occurs naturally in Welsh spring water and is easier for the body to digest. Do you have access to any iron-rich water sources or a health food store that might stock something like that?


  2. I’ll have to check out the health food stores. I don’t do well on the supplements. Our area has “hard” water — lots of mineral dissolved minerals — I filter it though because it is treated with chlorine and with MCS that is not a good thing. I drink a cup of tea a day. I guess I can try eliminating that. Thanks I’ll give it a go. 😀


    • You don’t have to give up your tea entirely – just don’t have it when you’re taking your iron.
      Iron pills are notoriously hard on the digestion. I don’t know whether the company we use ships to the US but, just in case they do, it’s called Spatone. (P.S. I’ve just done a quick search and it seems to be available on Amazon.)
      Don’t worry about having to filter your water because the iron in hard water is also not digestible so you haven’t lost out that way.


    • P.S. calcium competes with iron for uptake. Does your filter get rid of the hardness (i.e. calcium compounds)?


  3. So important. Thanks for posting on this topic. I try to make sure that animals are ethically treated before buying products like eggs. And I’ve been trying to cut down my meat consumption, too.


    • I’m so glad to hear that. People sometimes think that we can’t tackle animal rights before we’ve sorted the human rights issues but I think that’s a huge mistake. There is no reason why doing the right thing for animals should in any way hamper our efforts to do the right thing for humans too. In some cases it’s the same thing e.g. the water issue that the speaker raised in this speech.

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  4. Yes to the filter question. I agree with your comment about not waiting for animal rights. I think our problem is that we forget that humans are in the same taxonomic kingdom as the other animals we eat. We are animals too.

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  5. As a lifelong vegetarian, I say Yay!


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