Compassion and Kinship

This is one of the best TED talks I have seen so far.

Endless Light and Love

My Dear Friends,

Compassion, what does that word mean to you? What does it actually mean?

Mother Theresa said ” The problem with our world is that we have forgotten that we belong to each other”

Please take 20 minutes out of your busy day to watch this short video from Fr Gregory Boyle, its a very informative, funny, to the point and sad video which cannot fail to touch your heart, and to me it sums up compassion perfectly.

Namaste with Love

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  1. That was amazing, funny, heart-wrenching — uplifting. Thank you. I agree.. Phenomenal talk.


  2. Sarah, what a wonderful man! uplifting to hear how he helped others…


  3. Thank you for this. I read Fr. Greg’s book “Tattoos on the Heart” 2 years ago and have since been a quiet admirer of him and his work. You can read more about him here:


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