The Canary in the Coal Mine

I’m reblogging this because May is MCS Awareness Month. If you don’t know what MCS is, I highly recommend that you read this article because it’s something that everyone needs to be aware of. I follow the blogs of several people who lead very challenging lives because of MCS and it’s something that can affect us all to varying degrees. The sad thing is, it’s totally preventable.

Life in the City with a Future

This was a nickname given to me at work. If you haven’t heard the phrase, it relates to the fact that coal miners would bring canaries into the mine with them. The small bird would show signs of physical distress if toxic gases where present well before the miners would be able to detect the gases presence. And OBVIOUSLY the miners would evacuate the area.

How did I acquire this nickname? It is because I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities). It is just as it sounds – many different chemicals make me sick. I first noticed my symptoms almost 30 years ago: mostly headaches when I was near someone wearing perfume or cologne. I stopped wearing scented products and asked family and friends to tone it down. For about 25 years my life was fairly normal. But about 5 years ago a few things happened to kick my sensitivities into…

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  1. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Strong perfume and cologne is overpowering at times and I don’t have MCS


  2. Thank you Sarah for being a Spiritual Warrior and a warming and loving person. πŸ˜€


    • I’m sorry about the lousy timing. 😦 My previous post about having a break from blogging means people won’t be expecting me to post anything so soon. Sorry.


  3. I’m confused and having a reaction from chemicals today — thus the typo in my last comment. What are you sorry for? And thanks for the reblog — a few people have read the piece already today — you’ve brought awareness to a whole new group of people.


    • I was apologising because I’d just realised that I’d reduced the effectiveness of this post by announcing a few days ago that I was taking a break from blogging. Sorry for confusing you. I should have just thanked you for your lovely comment.


  4. It was apparently the perfect time for the post. I had 3X the likes and visits today with your reblog than in the 8 months since I posted it. And two new followers. Great instincts. πŸ˜€ Now is always the perfect moment.


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