Easter Crafting at Sally’s Mill

We just had the most fabulous afternoon of crafting at Sally‘s.  My daughter hasn’t taken her bunny ears off since they were made.  She’s been running around outside with them on, and now she has her headphones on over the top of them.

Sally had some wonderful projects set up for us.  I brought some eggs that I had managed to blow successfully for the first time ever.  Sally also had some boiled eggs ready to decorate.  Last week Sally and I made bases for our moss gardens out of woven willow.  Today we went gathering all different kind of moss and natural objects to pile onto the bases.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed the crafting.

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  1. I LOVE the moss gardens. you need to post a how-to for us folks that aren’t craftsy….


  2. Beautiful. I’ve been taking a lot of moss photos lately (since spring has been delayed again). I just love moss. It’s so soft to touch and walk upon. 😀 I could feel your excitement as I read your words. Is it easy to keep the moss alive in the container? Thanks for sharing your fun day. 😀


  3. A wonderful tour of a lovely time that will become a precious memory. Speaking of such things, I remember crafting and wearing bunny ears myself when I was a small child. Wishing you and family a beautiful Easter-I hope your daughter is still wearing her ears:)


  4. JUST TOOOOOO DARNED CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


  5. How exciting to see the moss party on your blog. Your photos are beautiful. It was such a multi faceted art experience, something I dreamed of when I thought about Art and the Mill. It only took from 11 am till five pm .( Well, we did have an Easter goodie lunch too ) It is a big commitment to make art and you have it. I can still see the bunny ears popping up from the bank of the river.


    • Hi Sally, I’m glad you like the photos. The bunny ears were a huge hit. It was lovely to see them being worn so unselfconsciously. Joyful and beautiful memories. Thank you. 😀


  6. What an Easter treat!


  7. What great Easter crafts!


  8. the dolls of fledgling are pretty


  9. The chicks and the moss basket are sweet! 🙂 Great idea! Lovely color arrangement!
    Peace and luvz, and hugz! Uncle Tree


  10. Love the moss gardens…and in my experience googly eyes makes everything better 🙂


  11. Very beautiful garden moss is Sally! Congratulations on creating these wonderful gardens. Thank you for sharing with us!
    Have a wonderful day, Sarah! 🙂


  12. Sarah, Sally and You are Absolute Artists! Loved and Enjoyed watching Your whole endeavour.


  13. I have to compliment you on your positive energy blog and your smile. wow!!


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