Whale Haiku WIP

Yesterday there was some good news regarding whale conservation.  It inspired me to write a whale haiku to follow on from the dolphin haiku that I did recently.  Here’s the work in progress (WIP):

whalesThere are reference sketches of Internet whales* on the left.  The unfinished doodle is on the right.  You can click on the picture to enlarge it.  If you still can’t read the words, they say:

We may look grumpy

But we are smiling inside

Thank you I.C.J.

We should probably have thanked a lot of other people too but the International Court of Justice initials fit nicely into the haiku format.

* All kinds of animals live on the Internet it seems.


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  1. Beautiful artwork and YaY for the whales.


  2. Great work thanks for sharing.


  3. I’m supposed to be practicing being non-judgmental but I’ll just have to do it tomorrow. Two thumbs up for the ICJ. I can’t wait to see the finished artwork. It is very uplifting. 😀


  4. You are so talented. Have you done work as an illustrator?


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