Dolphin Haiku

To all the haiku aficionados reading this post, I apologise profusely.  It’s my first haiku so I hope you will forgive me.  I haven’t followed all the rules, and it’s about as subtle as a sledgehammer.  (Click to enlarge, if you dare.)


I wrote this because I can’t get the Taiji Cove massacres out of my head.  Dolphins are complicated creatures.  They have much in common with humans, including a darker side.  However, their childlike curiosity and joyful play makes man’s cruel treachery at places like Taiji Cove seem positively evil.  It makes me ashamed to be human.


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  1. Sometimes, it isn’t always about following the rules.


  2. i think it’s great:) Rules are made to be broken and some of us don’t know the rules anyway so…you go girl.


  3. Since I have no ideas what the rules, are break away. I loved the art work. The message may not be subtle but obviously we humans don’t get subtle anyway. I’m glad you shared. 😀 When people are in trouble dolphins save us. When dolphins are in trouble we slaughter them. Be as unsubtle as you like.


  4. I’m often ashamed to be a human animal. Only thing to do, is to try and rise above-love your dolphins!


    • Thanks Elena. 🙂
      I don’t want to bring people down but sometimes I have to share something in order to process it. This has been bothering me for a while.


  5. I am ashamed of our species and how cruel it is to the earth and others. Wonderful art.


  6. powerful statement,.thank you for visiting my wishes.


  7. If studying other forms of animals and species that make up this planet in the SAME FORM AND FASHION that we study, innovate and invent for technological capabilities and infrastructures, we will see AND (finally) understand that the animal kingdom (such as the dolphin) shares more with the human (animal) than we think. If not more.



  8. I like this one very much. Thanks again for sharing! FGM


  9. It’s beautiful and so compelling, Sarah, thank you so much.


  10. Very good thoughts. I clicked on the graphic, though I could already read what was written on it. Poignant. Sad and Shameful that Mankind kills even without necessity.


  11. Sometimes a little “in your face” is needed. 😉


  12. I don’t know much about Haiku rules, but love the art. I have mixed feelings of shame, defiance and hope about the content. I know dolphins are very intelligent and complex, so I hope they can understand that we are complex also, and sometimes intelligent. Yes, we as a species should all know better by now, but I imagine that dolphins, communicating as they do, and aware of some of our efforts to do good, have mixed feelings about humans. That’s what I hope anyway. Thank you for speaking up for the dolphins.


  13. Oh sooooooo sad. I just saw videos of Japanese people trying to save stranded dolphins, so maybe there is hope. Maybe the dolphin killers don’t represent all of Japan. I saw the Japanese whalers in Antarctica harpooning the tame minke whales with explosives though. Sad, sad, sad…..


    • It is indeed very sad. When people need to make a living from animals, there’s not much room for compassion. There are no easy solutions but I hope that Japan realises that it needs to reduce it’s need for whale and dolphin meat.


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