I was kneeling quietly in my room when a stranger came in and greeted me.  I was surprised, and a little frightened because of his awesome appearance.  He told me that I had been chosen for an important task.  As he spoke about it, I worried about the consequences but I knew that I would not refuse.  I became filled with a sense of peace, light and love.

There is a chance that my husband and community will misunderstand but I am no longer afraid.  I will suffer every condemnation, every stone thrown, with courage and patience.  For the sake of my son and father I will endure.

The project I’m currently working on is a depiction of the Annunciation.  I’m not a Catholic so I tried to put myself in Mary’s position (see above) in order to better understand the scene.  In Mary’s time, an unmarried woman who became pregnant could be punished by stoning, or so I’ve been led to believe.  It is still a punishable occurrence in certain cultures today.

Here are some more of my research and preparatory sketches.  In the first one I have made notes on colour, and tried out poses for Mary and the Angel Gabriel.sketch1

In this next one I used Manga Studio to produce a print-out of mannequins to get the proportions of my figures correct.mangapose

There are still things I don’t like about the poses.  This next photo is of a tracing I made over the previous picture.  I wanted to try out a few things.  I think Mary looks a little too scared, don’t you?!tracing

And finally, here is a copy I made of some interlace from a photo in a book.  (As always, you can click on the photos to see them in more detail.)



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  1. You are fascinated as I am in the visitation! I’m not a Catholic either. I love the way you are tackling the drawings.


  2. Well, I can’t wait to see the project finished. I guarantee working at it will fill you with a sense of peace and exceptional joy if my experience is anything to go by. Years ago I went about transferring a picture of the Last Supper onto embroidery and fine cross-stitch, took me about six months of few evenings a week and it was almost addictive, the peace I felt while doing this difficult task.


    • I’d love to see your picture. I find embroidery more relaxing than designing, and I find drawing interlace much more peaceful and meditative than drawing other things. However, that’s not to say that I’m not enjoying the Annunciation project – I am. I’ll just be glad when I’ve finalised the design.


      • I will take a photo on my iphone and then try and copy paste or send 🙂 yes I think drawing interlace is also very involved and one needs peace while doing it perhaps because of its nature?


      • Thank you, I look forward to seeing it. Did you ever think of blogging about the things you make?


      • Yes I thought about that and also about social and community barriers that exist for people with disabilities, but Croatia and its transition from communism is something that has won the day at this time, there is always the future for other blogs…need a bit more time 😀


      • Yes, a bit more time would be nice. 😀
        If you ever start those blogs, let me know won’t you? 🙂


  3. I agree with you that Mary looks scared and that she is going to be attacked in the one sketch. I liked the first drawing where she has more of a sense of peace mixed with humility. I can’t wait to see where the project goes next. 😀


    • 🙂 I couldn’t quite get the Manga Studio dolls into the poses I wanted so that might have affected the mood somewhat. That’s computers for you – they’d try the patience of a saint. 😉
      I prefer the first drawing too.


  4. An ambitious project, in capable hands:)


  5. That is really good, Sarah. Very inspiring.


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