Auntie Alice’s Autograph

Well, I’m going back to my dad’s side of the family again.  Auntie Alice was his aunt not mine, one of nanna’s wonderful siblings.


May your feet go ever lightly,

Time all gently touch your head,

May the flowers blossom brightly,

As along life’s way you tread.

And may love and friendship true,

Sweeten all life’s way for you.

Isn’t that so sweet?  It tells you all you need to know about Auntie Alice. 😀

[Update: 26/02/14]

And here is the same verse that she wrote for her sister decades earlier:


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  1. What charming lines and thoughts. it really takes one back to a time of long ago.
    Thank you for sharing them Sarah!


  2. And aunt Alicw was real – not from Alice’s Wonderland – how very very nice, indeed 😀


  3. Beautiful! Thank you for your willingness to share.


  4. How wonderful if this was true for all today. You come from a very wise and poetic family. 😀


    • Thank you. My dad has just sent me photos of my nanna’s autograph book so I’ll be sharing quotes from her youth. I think you will enjoy them. 🙂


      • I can’t wait. I wish I had kept my diary. I would imagine it would be filled with so much teen angst. I look forward to seeing the difference of what nanna wrote to you and what she collected from her youth. 😀


  5. Sarah, Just love these wise and gentle thoughts!
    Thank you for sharing these precious verses.


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