Auntie Jean’s Autograph

My mother’s sister wrote this in my autograph book when I was nine:


For every evil under the sun

There is a remedy or there is none.

If there be one, try and find it –

If there be none, never mind it!

This has a similar message to the “Serenity prayer” that I quoted in my first autograph post.

Auntie Jean has lived in London for most of her adult life so I’ve had some wonderful holidays there.  People, including Auntie Jean, think I’m odd when I say this but I really like the London Underground.  And yes, I have used it during rush hour.  I have had my face stuck next to someone’s sweaty armpit on a tube train for longer than seems humanly possible.  I have repeatedly faced the worry of not being able to squeeze myself off the train before the doors closed.  I have been knocked to the ground by a businessman in a hurry (it was in a tube station in The City, and he didn’t look back).  Maybe it’s because I don’t have to face that every working day but I like it.  I like everything about it; the tiles, the art, the posters, people watching, the feeling of the wind caused by the movement of the trains, the sounds they make (well, not the high-pitched squealing – I could do without that),…  I could go on but you get the idea.


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  1. I think the first half of my life I spent trying to find it. Now I’m more to the belief to never mind it. If I don’t focus on “it” it will go away.

    I only rode the subway once in NY City (with my college roommate). It was her first time too. I expected it to be like in the movies with lots of people. We were the only two on the car. The map was graffitied over so we didn’t know which stop to get off ( we chose wrong — it was a long walk in January in heels and dresses to the theater). 😀


  2. Never mind is a sound advise as well as the Serenity Prayer. Ah the joy of commute. I can feel for you. I have the same problem with the Skytrain station.


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