Valerie’s Autograph

Valerie Hughes was my best friend when I was 10.  We weren’t able to be friends for very long but I never really found a better childhood friend.  I hope by some miracle that she sees this post and remembers me.  Here is what she put in my autograph book:


We were both mad about horses.  I still love them, I wonder if she does too.  Valerie’s family was in a circus and they had to move around a lot.  When Valerie left we wrote to each other a lot.  She sent me drawings, handmade puzzles, and all sorts of little gifts.  I can’t remember what I sent her.  I hope I was as nice to her as she was to me.  When Valerie knew me, everybody called me Sally, not Sarah.  They still do when I go back home. Here is a typical letter:


“mister Endresby [sic]” was our teacher in the final year of primary school.  Everybody was scared of him but, with hindsight, he was the best teacher I ever had.  Here is a photo which shows a portrait (near the centre of the photo) that Valerie drew of him:


Not very flattering!  His nickname was Bugsby, I can’t remember why.  You can also see some of the puzzles and games that she made for me.  I love the fact that she knew me so well that she created puzzles that I wanted to do – you can see the coloured pencil marks where I completed them.  Here are some photos of the little numbered circus caravans that she made for me:

circus numbers  circus caravansAnd here is Valerie’s self-portrait of her doing one of her circus tricks:

circuspicShe tried to teach me how to do the tricks but I wasn’t really bendy enough. 🙂


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  1. That would be awesome if she found this post and sent you some updated pictures. Do you think she is still with the circus? I think that would be an interesting but sometimes difficult life. I’m glad you see your “mean” teacher in a new light. I have to admit — my least favorite teacher in elementary school is still my least favorite teacher. 😀


    • It would be amazing if she saw this. I’ve no idea what she might be up to these days.
      I went to see that teacher after I left school. He was retired by then. I wanted to thank him but I was too nervous. 🙂 He got me interested in bird-watching. He took us on a school field trip to a bird reserve once, and I thought it was amazing. I went back there with my mum recently and it was still amazing. 🙂


      • If he’s still alive (or not) thank him. Teachers live for hearing they made a difference and from my experience rarely here the good stuff!!! 😀


      • He’s no longer with us I’m afraid. I’m pretty sure he knew that I’d visited because I appreciated him. I was very shy (still quite shy) but I’ve never been hard to read. He was pleased to see me and I’m sure I looked pleased to see him too.


  2. What a wonderful young artist. Hope you two get in touch.


  3. What charming memories! I do hope Valerie sees it!


  4. What an incredible friendship you had. I hope Valerie will see your post and be reconnected with you. These are all keepers.


  5. I like how you actually kept all these treasures. I had a pen pal I never met in person from 3rd grade until we lost contact due to my frequent moves in college. I still have all her letters and photos in storage after all these years. Some of us are just more nostalgic I suppose.

    Happy hunting! I was able to find a girl I mentored (now an adult) via a connection I found online. You never know in the digital age. 🙂


  6. Oh, Sarah this is lovely and wonderful. Perfect for friendship month over at A4P. I will certainly post it when the time comes…You were the very first submission for August. 🙂 Melanie


  7. Precious! Good to have memories like that. It would seem that Valerie did not contact You. Let Us hope she is doing well. Love and Regards.


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