Origami Hearts

This one is for Colleen whose favourite colour is yellow.  This is to thank her for being my blog angel recently.  🙂


It was made with a single square of paper (yellow on one side, white on the other).

This one is for my secret Valentine:

twoheartsIt was made from a single 2:1 rectangle of paper.  I made the paper by gluing (using watered down PVA) tissue paper to kitchen foil.  It is nice to fold but the folds are hard to reverse – with paper, it’s easier to turn valley folds into mountain folds.

Here is the book I used:

bookHowever, there are instructions for similar hearts on the Internet.  For example, try here and here.


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  1. The wings are a nice touch 🙂


  2. Thanks. I feel like I can fly. I came in from shoveling for the second time (not done yet) and found your gift. I love my Valentine Heart Angel. Not surprisingly — when I wrote this morning about my comments hitting my dad’s special number — that comment was from you. I hope each day you have more love than the last. 😀


    • Thank you.
      That’s so wonderful. I feel like I’ve been sent a gift too – as you know, I love special numbers.
      Happy shoveling! I hope someone brings their snowblower over again.


  3. Yellow rose is in close connection with the symbol of the Sun. Their intention is to make people feel good. Yellow rose represents joy and satisfaction – that is what Croats say about them and so too a yellow heart! Your yellow heart can fly one to the Sun without getting burned, just cosy warmth all the way 😀


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