Grandad’s Autograph

Towards the latter years of her life my nanna’s memory was none too reliable.  On more than one occasion, for example, she insisted that I had got the date of my own birthday wrong.  So, with that caveat, today is the anniversary of when she met my grandad.  The 12th of February is also the date they got engaged, although in a different year.  I thought this was a good day to share grandad’s entry in my autograph book.


My grandad died the year after he wrote this for me.  Thus my memories of him are vague and not altogether trustworthy.  I know that he taught me a couple of riffs on the keyboard because I still play them today.  I am also pretty certain that I used to enjoy sitting on his lap plucking at the red hairs on his arm.  (My nanna used to joke that she fell in love with his red hair and fine teeth but that, over the years, they both fell out!)  I also think that he used to feed me questionable treats when he thought nanna wasn’t looking.  Grandad was responsible for my first taste of Fisherman’s Friends* and also, possibly, chewing tobacco (that’s all I can imagine that the tiny brown nuggets were).  He was probably also partly responsible for my love of music.  Here is a photo of his old cardboard case that I have had for years, with a lot of his old sheet music in.  I love trying to play things like “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini”. 🙂


I just love Danny Kaye. ❤

[Update: 26/02/14]

Here is the same quote in my nanna’s autograph album:


* Or it could have been Victory Vs.  🙂

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  1. I will be good, I will do good. Your grandad must have been gentle and respectable. I wish I could see him.
    I can imagine little Sarah were sitting on his lap, and smiling. It is very lovely scenery.
    Thank you Sarah, I am encouraged by this post.


    • I’m glad you liked it. They are fond memories for me.
      My grandad was indeed gentle and he was respected but I don’t know whether he was altogether respectable. 😉
      I would have liked to have posted a photo of him but I haven’t checked with the rest of my family yet about how they would feel about family photos being made public.


      • Sorry for my confusing English. I did not mean that I would like to see your grandad’s photos, I meant that I wish I could have gone back to the past and seen the lovely scenery.
        I am sorry for making you worry.


      • I understand now.
        However, if you could see a photo of us then you might be able to imagine the scene. That’s almost as good as being there. 🙂
        I hope the weather is not too cold for you. It’s very windy here. I will reply to your email as soon as I get the chance. Sorry for the delay.


  2. Thanks for sharing this memory. It brought back memories of my childhood. I too used to sit on my grandfather’s lap — while he played cards with his buddy Claude. They drank either beer or blackberry brandy — both of which I was allowed to sip. Luckily, I wasn’t offered any of the chewing tobacco or cigars– they liked to enjoy. I hope it’s okay since he passed many years ago that I told — I don’t want to get him in trouble with the women folk in the family. 😀


    • Aren’t grandads wonderful?! I can’t remember now whether grandad was a cigar man or a pipe man. My nanna used to hate the smell of one of them. I think he had a pipe but I can’t remember it now. I must ask my dad when I talk to him next.
      The women folk probably knew most of what our grandad’s got up to. They’re pretty canny. They just chose to turn a blind eye, I guess. It didn’t do us any harm did it? \@_@/ hiccup*twitch. 😉


  3. That is a wonderful note to leave behind.


  4. You have good collection and thanks for sharing with us..Very nice.. 🙂


  5. I read your words always but for some weird wordpress thing there is no place to press the like button on my reader. You must have it turned off… I love your stories!


  6. Write more memories! String them together and they become a story. Great reminiscing.


  7. precious and emotional souvenir… never forget to be yourself! 🙂


  8. Post brought delightful flashbacks for me today. Thanks visit my blog.


  9. hitandrun1964

    Wonderful memories and gifts. Old sheet music, the things that were well loved. So very nice.


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