Intersecting planes

This is one of the intersecting plane models by Mukerji that I mentioned in a recent post.  The label at the bottom of the photos is off the paper I used.

finished7starside finished7startop

The whole time I was making this model I had the theme-tune to Gerry Anderson’s “UFO” going round and round my head.  In case you didn’t know, Gerry Anderson was the creator of Thunderbirds (don’t tell me you haven’t heard of Thunderbirds either ;)).  UFO is a hilarious (to me anyway) 1970’s imagining of 1980 with some ugly costumes (just check out the male submariners string vests), stylish suits, funky art and groovy sets.

In this particular model the planes are in the shape of 7-pointed stars.   The model is called STUVWXYZ Stars.  Being a nerd, it was the name that first attracted me to it.  Don’t ask why though – I don’t know.  You can click on this link to be taken to a website page which has instructions on how to fold the units and join them.  It’s a bit sketchy on how to join them successfully into the ball-shape though.  Here are some photos of the process that might help:

WIP7star1The first step involves making a ring with 7 out of the 8 colours.  The eighth colour comes in at the halfway point (see later). WIP7star2The next step involves making rings of three with the 7 colours.  The colours are chosen so that the units that lie in roughly the same plane have the same colour.

WIP7star3 WIP7star4

Now you continue the process so that the next layer consists of rings of 4.  Then you alternate rings of 5 and 3.

WIP7star5 WIP7star6 WIP7star7

Below is the model with the middle layer finished.  The photo of the underside of the model shows you the 7-pointed star in the eighth colour.  This is the only star that is complete at this stage.

WIP7star8 WIP7star9

From this point on it’s downhill all the way.  If you’re lucky!  You just continue completing the layers in the same way as you did for the first half.WIP7star10To speed things up I used a template (the blue unit in the photo above) to get the angles of the flaps right.

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  1. I really like these – so pretty!


  2. You make it looks to easy! When you’re creating do you get to a meditative place? I know The Fabulous Thunderbirds but not the Thunderbirds — I will have to google them. Thanks for sharing you artistry. 😀


    • After I’ve made a few units I don’t need to refer to the instructions any more. That’s when it starts to get meditative. Connecting the units together can also be like that. However, when things go wrong I can get quite cross! When I thought I’d finished this model I noticed that something didn’t look quite right. It took me a while to work out what was wrong and even longer to fix it. I started to get cross so I left it and came back to it in the morning. Problem solved. The feeling of satisfaction at the end more than compensates for a little frustration. 🙂


  3. what a celebration of colours and perfection – very nice, Sarah 😀


  4. simply magnifique… 🙂


  5. Impressive! I can’t even fold a paper in half without it being crooked, lol!


  6. That was Terrific! Colours, AND Shapes! Great stuff.


  7. Wow! I’m stunned 🙂 I would need a whole life to (try to) make something like that 🙂 Kind regards, F.


  8. My Dear Sarah, You have presented, or if You want, Represented, a Very Interesting piece of Origami. For which Thanks.

    But, it is Absolutely Useless Your trying to teach me to make these things. Because I do not even qualify for ‘nerd.’ And that is because I had to look it up(!), and found that these creatures are ‘Experts in one field.’ So I fail that too, You see, being a Jack of All Trades! 🙂

    Anyway, my solution is: You make them, I Enjoy looking at them! There!

    Hearty Kudos and Regards to Mukerji too, as to You. 🙂


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