Peace to You in 2014

I wish you all deep peace in the new year.


This is a piece I did a few years ago.  I wanted to decorate a piece of calligraphy in a similar style to the Book of Kells.  The verse is part of an old Celtic blessing which goes:

Deep peace of the running wave to you,

Deep peace of the flowing air to you,

Deep peace of the quiet earth to you,

Deep peace of the sleeping stones to you.

Here is a close-up of one of the knots:


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  1. Peace to you, Brenda!


  2. This looks great. Ironically, it resembles Islamic art!


    • Oh, interesting. Any part in particular, or the whole thing?


      • The whole thing, particularly from a distance. Specifically the border and color scheme. Even the “Peace” message sounds like a translation of a traditional Islamic message.

        Islamic art is abstract, inorganic and tends to feature complex, interwoven shapes.

        If you do a google image search on “Islamic Art”, you’ll see what I mean. If you narrow your search down to some of the stuff that’s framed (like the Qur’anic passages that people often hang in their homes) you may find some examples of the borders I talked about.


      • That’s interesting. As I mentioned in my post I have dabbled with a bit of Islamic art. However, I don’t remember seeing any of the framed stuff that you mention. I shall have a look. Perhaps my dabbling influenced this piece more than I realised.
        Thanks for the input.


  3. Raphael's Legacy by Barry Hardy

    Sarah, I love the sublime eloquence of your blog, it oozes vibrancy and intimacy with the capacity to resonate with any soul, therein; take a bow, extending my sincere regards, Barry


    • Thank you so much Barry.
      I wanted to thank you for sharing the Tina Turner video but I couldn’t see a way to comment on your blog. How do you receive responses to your blog posts?


  4. Raphael's Legacy by Barry Hardy

    Hi Sarah, I don’t ha ha, I just accept that if people like them they’ll keep reading them and using my own personal insights in their own life if they help and if they don’t, well they’ll stop reading them and using them and that’s really okay in the greater scheme of things.

    That said; have a wonderful 2014 and keep doing what you’re doing, because what you’re doing is changing everything and for the better, sincere regards, Barry


  5. Happy new year to you.

    Love the poem. It feels like a blessing.


  6. Truly breathtaking. As I’ve been surrounded by the white of snow everywhere I look — feasting my eyes on the vibrant colors was like going on a holiday some place truly exotic. The saying absolutely brought me peace. Keep sharing your art, please, it brings me great joy. 😀


  7. You’re truly talented, Sarah and love for cultural tradition impresses. Peace to you, too! 😀


  8. What a warm and lovely verse, thank you for sharing.


  9. An amazingly beautiful piece. Peace to you as well in 2014.


  10. Love this! Have a peaceful new year!


  11. And peace to you dear Sarah! Such beauty and warmth you share here. 😀 Both in the incredible crafts and artwork you create, and in the glowing warmth of your shining spirit.
    Warmest wishes for the best year yet! Hugs, Gina


  12. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This is beautiful, really lovely.


  13. This is beautiful, Sarah. I’ll be happy to post this one A4P 🙂


  14. This is a Great one, my Dear Sarah! That Same Peace to You, too! 🙂


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