Introducing Sally

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Sally.  She’s not around the Internet much at the moment but I hope she’ll be back soon.  She had surgery for cancer in 2011 followed by chemotherapy.  During all that, she still managed to create a fantastic sculpture of the poet Raftery; see her website for more details.  I admire her tenacity and determination.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t really have the energy for such big projects nowadays.


Last year I helped her with the quilt you can see in the photo.  She donated it to a group of crafty people in Mulranny, Ireland, called the “Gift of Hands“.  Sally and I do a lot of crafting together and sometimes my daughter joins in too.  We have so much fun.  In my next post I will show you some of the things we made for Christmas 2012.

In order to help her through the dark winter months last year, I helped Sally start a blog.  (That’s what got me into blogging.  It’s all Sally’s fault. ;))


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  1. Busy hands sure does help keep the pain at bay. Love the quilt. Your’s and Sally’s friendship is inspiring.


    • Although it was tough physically, I think doing the Raftery sculpture helped Sally through the worst moments. Art is her life’s passion. I can’t believe how productive she is, even now.


  2. I really hope and pray for her quick recovery.
    She and you are admirable for me.
    Please pass my best regards to her.
    Thank you for showing the fantastic works!


    • Thank you. I will tell her what you said.
      She is interested in the Japanese I am learning. We had mattcha together once, which she enjoyed. She has also used kanji (火、水、石、天) on one of her sculptures.


  3. My Dear Sarah, Thank You for introducing Sally! Reading about her, and seeing her works, is Inspiring. Am happy that Sally has a Good Friend in You. Love to You both, and to Your Daughter.


  4. Wanted to ask You, How is Sally doing? Love to You both.


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