Paisley Cells

Every now and then I look through some of the drawings I did when I was a teenager.  It usually inspires me to revisit an old idea.  Here are some teenage drawings inspired by paisley patterns.


And here is the latest version.  I wanted to record it before I added colour.  I could ruin it.  I’m not so happy with the two largest “cells”; I prefer a couple of my teenage versions.  Ho hum.  I shall probably revisit this design again.bandwcells


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  1. Maybe I’m like my son. I like them without any color at all. I’m sure they’ll be beautiful whatever you decide. I wish I had saved my writings from when I was a teen. I would love to look back on how my perspective has changed. 😀


    • Well, I guess you’re not a hoarder then. It makes for a tidier house at least! Can you remember any of your early writings? What kind of things did you like to write?
      Thanks for the comment. I’ve just started adding colour and it’s looking okay so far.


      • We were just talking about the hoarding gene that runs in my family. I appear to be the only one who didn’t inherit it. The funny thing is I’m the one in the family with the big attic (mostly empty). I really don’t remember writing much as a kid — there was one “torrid” romance novel when I was around 13 that would certainly be a hoot to read now.


      • It’s probably just as well. I recently read my teenage diaries and it was soooo cringe-worthy.


  2. It’s interesting how the same subject matter at different ages, changes ever so slightly. While the teen versions boast a freshness, the new drawing is a touch more sophisticated. I like them all.


    • Thanks. I hadn’t picked up on that. I knew they were different but I couldn’t work out what had “gone wrong” with the new versions! 😀 I find it so hard to be objective about my drawings. Your input is very helpful, as always.


  3. Amazing. It is most beautiful cell I have ever seen. It is really true.
    I understand the feelings you prefer teenage versions, but I think your art works is evolving and it is lovely and brilliant.
    All of things are changing as time goes, so just now works are most beautiful!


  4. I guess I’m glad I never really kept a diary. I never trusted my older brother not to read it. 😀 And thanks by the way. I got a “trophy” today on my blog — you were my 500th like — how cool is that!


  5. How cool! I admire your ability to do such intricate design work. I’m no good at drawing 🙂 Oh I wish I had my writing from my childhood…I had tons…but when I left home my parents trashed it all. Oh well!


  6. I really love your drawings! This very intricate stuff takes a lot of talent and patience. Especially paisley! I tried to draw the thyroid disease awareness ribbon for my Twitter picture (the ribbon is light blue with white and navy paisley overlay). Suffice to say it did NOT go well. I ended up with just a Lyme disease awareness ribbon, which is a single tone of green. I have repetitive strain injury, so I have to keep everything simple and not use any programs involving a mouse (Photoshop or Illustrator). Oh well. Still figuring out how to use Autodesk Sketchpad Pro for iPad.


    • Thank you!
      Have you tried using a drawing tablet and stylus? Something like a Wacom Bamboo is not expensive but does a good job. The main problem is developing the hand-eye coordination to draw with the pen in one place but see the image coming up in another – the screen.


      • No, interesting! I use a Wacomm stylus with the iPad, but I never thought about using it with a regular computer.
        My computer is old, but I’m getting a new one. Unfortunately, it will be a PC because I need voice-recognition software. Do you know any drawing programs that can run on a PC with a stylus?
        My boyfriend showed me a giant drawing tablet with a massive screen and a stand … $2,000 USD. 😦 Oh man, I wish!


      • I use Manga Studio (on a Windows-8 laptop) which is fairly reasonably priced. However, I think some of the free drawing software is able to use the stylus but you might not get the benefit of the pressure-sensitivity. The graphics tablets sometimes come bundled with drawing software like ArtRage, I think.


      • I am VERY new to all of this as I didn’t use a computer for several years because of the RSI injuries … do you mind if I ask you which are some of the good graphics tablets to get? Also, how is Windows 8? I’m getting a new PC and trying to decide whether to get 7 or 8. I have just been using my iPad as drawing by hand hurts my arms, I am chemically sensitive to marker fumes, and my PC is too old. I sense there is a whole new world of drawing software out there! Never even heard of ArtRage! Btw, I loved your stuff on Deviant Art! 🙂


      • The only tablet I know anything about is the one I use – the Wacom Bamboo. I did a bit of looking around a few years ago and this one seemed the best quality for the price. It’s not the most sophisticated you can get but it’s more than adequate for a first drawing tablet. The only problem I’ve had with it (apart from the hand-eye coordination thing) is that the nibs wear down rather fast, so you’d need to be prepared to add stylus nibs to your shopping list.
        As for Windows 8, well, it’s quite different from Windows 7. I think they’ve designed it for tablet users rather than dinosaurs like me. It took me quite a long time to get used to it; it has been the cause of quite a bit of cursing. 🙂 Don’t let that put you off though; I would say that you would find it easier because you use an iPad, which I also find a little challenging to use.
        There is quite a range of drawing software out there. You can even get opensource/free drawing software (e.g. GIMP) but I don’t know much about it. (See for more.)
        Thanks for checking out my DeviantArt gallery. 🙂


      • Thank you so much! Yeah, good to know that Windows 8 is more like a tablet. I was going to tsee if I could buy a computer with Windows 7, but maybe 8 will be OK. I will look into the tablet you mentioned. And yes, I love your stuff on Deviant Art!

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