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New Christmas Crafting

I’m running a bit late today because lightning caused a power cut here for a few hours.  I missed my cups of tea but it meant that we could put our stove on.

fireplaceWe normally heat the house with a wood pellet burner.  The stove is much more Christmassy, isn’t it?

Yesterday I took my daughter over to my friend Sally‘s Mill and we did some Christmas crafting.  First we collected twigs from Sally’s garden.  They needed to look like miniature trees.  We took them inside, stuck them each in a base block and then drew them.  We tried to create a landscape around them.

TreeSally had glued some sticks together for us so that we could learn how to make Mexican God’s eyes.  We all loved making them.  We especially liked the sparkly yarn that Sally had in her 20-year-old stash.



Crafty Christmas

Last year we had a very crafty Christmas but I didn’t have this blog.  This year I have the blog but I’ve done very little Christmas crafting.  Solution: I’ll tell you about last year’s Christmas crafting.

I have a crafty friend who teaches me (and sometimes my daughter) how to do wonderful crafty things.  Last year she taught me how to make a Christmas wreath for my front door.

We also had a crafting session with my daughter. We made angels out of paper plates, snowflakes on sticks and a huge ball made out of gold plates decorated with old Christmas cards. As you can imagine there were sequins and glitter going everywhere.
All that wonderful crafting gave my daughter itchy fingers. She saw the Christmas tree I hadn’t decorated yet and did this to it.
I thought the pictures were so wonderful that I put most of the usual decorations away. I just put the fairy lights on and a few white baubles. The rest of the decorations were handmade. We made some snowflakes out of paper and I also crocheted some.
Here is the final version:finaltree

Introducing Sally

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Sally.  She’s not around the Internet much at the moment but I hope she’ll be back soon.  She had surgery for cancer in 2011 followed by chemotherapy.  During all that, she still managed to create a fantastic sculpture of the poet Raftery; see her website for more details.  I admire her tenacity and determination.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t really have the energy for such big projects nowadays.


Last year I helped her with the quilt you can see in the photo.  She donated it to a group of crafty people in Mulranny, Ireland, called the “Gift of Hands“.  Sally and I do a lot of crafting together and sometimes my daughter joins in too.  We have so much fun.  In my next post I will show you some of the things we made for Christmas 2012.

In order to help her through the dark winter months last year, I helped Sally start a blog.  (That’s what got me into blogging.  It’s all Sally’s fault. ;))

Cranes and Flower Fanfare

I’ve just made a pile of cranes out of the little square pieces of washi paper that my Japanese penpal sent me.  They are so pretty I think I might die from cuteness overload.  The photo doesn’t do them justice.  If you click on the picture you’ll be able to see them better.  (The pen is there for size reference.)


I also added some 5-petalled lilies to the lily model.  I’m calling it “Spring Herald”; the colour reminds me of snowdrops.


Colour So Far

It’s nowhere near finished yet but I like how it’s going so far:

Paisley Cells

Every now and then I look through some of the drawings I did when I was a teenager.  It usually inspires me to revisit an old idea.  Here are some teenage drawings inspired by paisley patterns.


And here is the latest version.  I wanted to record it before I added colour.  I could ruin it.  I’m not so happy with the two largest “cells”; I prefer a couple of my teenage versions.  Ho hum.  I shall probably revisit this design again.bandwcells