Mayo of the Saxons

This is just a brief aside related to the name of my blog.


I’ve just returned from a short retreat in Ennis, County Clare, Ireland.  It’s strange that I had to go to a different county to learn something new about my adopted home county of Mayo (no condiment jokes please 😉 ).  The closing speech of the retreat informed us that the full name of County Mayo in Gaelic is Maigh Eó na Sacsan, which means ‘Yew Plain of the Saxons’.  Apparently, this name was used right up until the seventeenth century.  It seems that the Saxons thought that this remote, windswept county was a perfect place to send their monks.  The speaker at the retreat was suggesting that we shouldn’t be surprised to be learning Thai Buddhism from an English monk in Ennis because Ireland has had a long history of this kind of thing.  He put it more eloquently than that though!

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  1. Loved this. My grandfather was raised in Broadford, County Clare and my grandmother hails from Ballina, County Mayo. You addressed both counties. 🙂 Glad you were able to make the trip!


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