I Cracked the Lillies

The bad news is that I didn’t manage to get a second piece ready for the Mayo Artists’ Show.  The good news is that I had another go at the Lily of the Nile model that had defeated me before and I cracked it.

lillyball1 lillyball2I think it would look better with a darker background but I quite like the green.  It reminds me of Spring.  By the way, the ball is slightly smaller than a tennis ball.  It was a bit fiddly but nowhere near as difficult as it was on the first attempt.  I put that down to the power of the subconscious.  I gave it a problem and it went away for a few weeks and worked on it while I wasn’t paying attention.  Then when I came back to it, everything worked like a dream.

Talking about the subconscious, I’d like to share a verse from my favourite physicist, James Clerk Maxwell:

There are powers and thoughts within us, that we know not till they rise,

Through the stream of conscious action from where self in secret lies.

But where will and sense are silent, by the thoughts that come and go

We may trace the rocks and eddies in the hidden depths below.


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  1. Lovely, really lovely.
    I like the green too!
    The green, personally, remind me of Wales, because I remember the book “Midori iro no yasumi jikan ( rest time of green?)”.
    I really love to look at your works.


    • Thank you Ryoko.
      Is that what your school book about Wales was called? What a lovely title. Wales is indeed very green but Ireland is even greener (although last summer’s heatwave made it a little browner than usual ;)). That’s why they call it the Emerald Isle.


  2. Beautiful piece. I like your approach – leave it, come back to it, done!


  3. Green and orange and yellow… don’t matter. It looks fab to go with the quote!


  4. Wow Sarah one again you have created a masterpiece !


  5. What an exquisite piece of artwork!


    • Thanks Eric. This model was designed by a talented lady called Tanya Vysochina. I just followed her instructions on how to construct it from 40 squares of paper.


  6. That’s a great work.


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