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My Birds Aren’t Good Enough

I was hoping to hide this news in a post about origami or something but I haven’t got anything new to show you.  Anyway, I found out a few days ago that my Magpie picture didn’t make it into the Mayo Artist’s Show.  My only other submission to be rejected (see below) also featured birds.

Lir_s children closer

I still like it though.  It’s called Lir’s Children.  I’ve started doing a digital version using Manga Studio.  Don’t hold your breath though.  I’m making very slow progress.


Mayo of the Saxons

This is just a brief aside related to the name of my blog.


I’ve just returned from a short retreat in Ennis, County Clare, Ireland.  It’s strange that I had to go to a different county to learn something new about my adopted home county of Mayo (no condiment jokes please 😉 ).  The closing speech of the retreat informed us that the full name of County Mayo in Gaelic is Maigh Eó na Sacsan, which means ‘Yew Plain of the Saxons’.  Apparently, this name was used right up until the seventeenth century.  It seems that the Saxons thought that this remote, windswept county was a perfect place to send their monks.  The speaker at the retreat was suggesting that we shouldn’t be surprised to be learning Thai Buddhism from an English monk in Ennis because Ireland has had a long history of this kind of thing.  He put it more eloquently than that though!

I Cracked the Lillies

The bad news is that I didn’t manage to get a second piece ready for the Mayo Artists’ Show.  The good news is that I had another go at the Lily of the Nile model that had defeated me before and I cracked it.

lillyball1 lillyball2I think it would look better with a darker background but I quite like the green.  It reminds me of Spring.  By the way, the ball is slightly smaller than a tennis ball.  It was a bit fiddly but nowhere near as difficult as it was on the first attempt.  I put that down to the power of the subconscious.  I gave it a problem and it went away for a few weeks and worked on it while I wasn’t paying attention.  Then when I came back to it, everything worked like a dream.

Talking about the subconscious, I’d like to share a verse from my favourite physicist, James Clerk Maxwell:

There are powers and thoughts within us, that we know not till they rise,

Through the stream of conscious action from where self in secret lies.

But where will and sense are silent, by the thoughts that come and go

We may trace the rocks and eddies in the hidden depths below.

Drum Hat

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m thinking of getting rid of my drum.  I want to document it on my blog before it goes.

I was worried about the skin getting damaged in transit so I made my drum a woolly hat!  There are several layers to the hat and a drawstring to secure it in place.  The inner layer is thick plastic cut from an old case that used to contain computer training manuals.

drum1 drumhatbot drumhattop

Painted Drumhead

My drum circle has disbanded and I’m thinking about getting rid of my drum (not on here so don’t start asking ;)).  It’s a shame for it to gather dust when someone else could be using it.  It’s a machine-made djembe drum.  There was an awful black logo in the middle of the drum skin so I painted spirals over the top of it.  I did them in acrylic paint.  I wasn’t sure how long they would last but they survived repeating bashing very well so I decided to do more painting.

IMG_0771The upper motif is a lioness and is there to protect the drum from damage.  The lower motif is a pair of dogs which represent friendship.  It was supposed to help me share my drum without feeling bad about it.  I was very worried about people damaging the drum skin.  I’m very surprised and pleased about how well the paint has survived years of bashing; repeated stretching and unstretching.

In the next post I will share some photos of the hat I made for my drum.

Rainbow for Colleen

rainbowIt’s not obvious but there’s a rainbow in the photo if you look hard enough.  It was very bright in real life but I’m a “point and click” photographer so I didn’t manage to capture it very well.  Anyway I wanted to share it because Colleen and I have been discussing this kind of thing recently.  I’ve been experiencing a lot of coincidences and some of them involve rainbows.  The first rainbow was Colleen’s.  Shortly after I read Colleen’s post about it I encountered the rainbow in the photo.  Then, when I checked my WordPress Reader as I sat down to write this post I found a post about coincidences and one with another rainbow.  Go figure!


Isolation is not a sign of depression

I love people but they’re so exhausting! 😉


In a nutshell

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

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