Second Piece

I’ve been working on my second piece for the Mayo Artists’ Show (the first one being the magpie).  Originally I was going to do some origami but the paper weaving bug hasn’t finished with me yet.  I’ve been working on a couple of ideas.  The first one is a continuation of the paper weaving I started with in July.  Here are some photos of the work in progress.

snail1 snail2 snail3 snail4

A wonderfully kind friend from Japan recently sent me some beautiful washi paper.  I wanted to use this to make the snail pattern.  However, I found that, as I’ve found before, less is more.  When I wove two patterned pieces together the result was a mess (even without the camera shake):

snail5But when I used one patterned and one plain the result was much neater:


Even before it’s woven, the washi looks fantastic:


Here’s the second idea I’ve started working on:

circle knot


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  1. So intricate and difficult.


  2. I am very very delighted to see them!


  3. Although the marker lines in the last pic may be for reference, they give the weave a spacey, scifi look with some depth. I like it.


    • They were indeed for reference but I see what you mean. Thanks for the input.


      • I have a thing for the Googie style, so the look jumped out at me. Nice to know it wasn’t just my imagination/skewed tastes 😛


      • I had to Google “Googie”! Obviously I’ve seen the look before I’d just never heard the name. Thanks for introducing me to it.
        I also used highlighter pens on the design for my “two bikes, two lights” picture. It looked quite good like that but I wasn’t brave enough to paint the final version in fluorescent colours.
        By the way, I read your latest post on math but I haven’t “Liked” it yet because I’m trying to word a sensible comment. I’m much more comfortable with numbers than words. 😦


      • I was the same way with Googie when I first heard the term :).

        Thanks for reading the math post — for some reason, not too many people “Like” those, lol! Looking forward to reading your comment. The comments alone often make the blogs worth writing.


    • Thanks. I didn’t meet my deadline on this one though. 😦
      It just wasn’t working. I wanted to do some Japanese calligraphy with it but I found out that it’s harder than it looks! 😀


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