I’m Done With Magpies

Since you last saw them, the magpie and wyrms have been causing trouble.  Now that the dust has settled I think it was the frame that started it.  When I put the original design in the frame it just didn’t look right at all.  Maybe I should have bought a different frame but instead I tried a different background.  And another.  It’s been driving me crazy.  I got so tired of it today that I just gave up and glued it.  I can’t change it now.  My daughter said it looked alright so I’ll just have to trust her.  Most times when I work on something I go past the point where I can see it objectively any more.  All I see are the details and not the overall effect.  I suppose that’s why I ask for feedback here*.  Do you experience this problem, dear reader?

framed*Thanks for all the feedback so far, by the way.  It has been much appreciated.


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  1. Looks great to me. I think we can always find problems with our work. That’s why we keep on making it:)


  2. Frankly, I think it is beautiful! Don’t change a thing. 🙂


  3. Well, if you think this is not good enough, I wonder what the really really really good looks like. The frame makes your artistic work stands out especially the magpie. Beautiful.


    • I’m glad you like it Perpetua. I was thinking about my relationship with my art last night. I came to the conclusion that I have trouble finishing pieces because I have trouble letting go. Maybe not being happy with them makes it easier to let them go?


  4. I think it looks awesome Sarah. I like how you have added the trees, the circle or bend in the tree trunk frames the subject very nicely.


  5. I think it’s fabulous!!! Great job!


  6. I love the way the trees frame everything. As writer I am always critical of what I write. Blogs I don’t have the time — but for books I write something and walk away — at least a week — longer if I can and then I go back and look at it with fresh eyes. When I read it again it ranges from: put it back in the folder to once in a really great while — I’ll be like “That’s good. I actually wrote that?” It’s those moments that keep it going. 🙂 If you ever decide you don’t want your beautiful art — I would gladly hang it in my house. Thanks for bringing more beauty to the world.


    • Oh Colleen, thanks for making me smile! 😀
      I like your idea about fresh eyes. What I normally do with my art is hold it up in front of a mirror. Usually it changes what I see sufficiently for me to judge it objectively. For some reason it didn’t work this time. If I have the same problem again I will try your method. Thanks.
      Happy writing!


  7. I understand how you feel and no matter how many people tell you they like it…it won’t be right until you feel that way. LOL I think this is a pretty common thing. Only you know when your work is “just right.” I know my work is okay once I stop thinking about it all the time. It sounds as if you’re still not satisfied, so keep going until you are or you’ll never feel okay about this beautiful piece of work. At least that’s what works for me:)


    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment Gigi. I love your art, especially your chickens.
      I was up against a deadline with this one so I had to finish it and move onto the next thing. I left it displayed in my bedroom until I had to hand it over and I found that I grew to like it better. I think finding fault with my work helps me to be less attached to it. I don’t find it helpful when I’m trying to see it with fresh eyes though. I’m going to have to consider this issue some more I think.


  8. This is a beautiful piece, I love it. I think all artists have to work through getting it just right. I do the mirror trick too. This works great for me. I’ll also put it down for a night of two. Then there is looking at it from across the room or upside down. Anything to trick the brain into a new perspective. Maybe after a bottle of wine! That probably won’t help, but you will be relaxed. Just don’t work on it after that. 😉


  9. I like magpies, your artwork is very nice! Kind regards


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