Magpie & Wyrms – Is this any good?

I’ve been working on the background for my “magpie and wyrms” piece.  The first background I had planned didn’t work.  I was beating myself up about this when I stumbled upon a new idea.  It was inspired by a programme about autumn colour in Japan which I was (mostly not) watching during the beating-up process.  I would really appreciate any constructive feedback on this (the picture, not whether I should be beaten-up ;)):


I want something a bit vague and “messy” to balance the hard lines of the magpie and wyrms.  The leaves look a little like flames to me, which ties in with the dragons, I guess.  The magpie and wyrm pieces aren’t fixed yet so if you don’t like it I can try something else.

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  1. I think it’s very pretty! I’m not creative myself so really like the talented works of others. I, too, thought it look like flames and a cauldron. Very nice, thanks for sharing.


  2. You know this is called entrapment don’t you Sarah 🙂 Like Stacey I am not artistic but from a photography view see two conflicting things.The three colors you have chosen blend very well together. The background color complements the other two nicely, but if you wanted true fall colors and a more flame like color you would go with a orange background but that would wash out the subject and ruin the whole thing. So leave it alone !!!!


  3. It’s gorgeous! Love the softness of the autumn leaves against your magpie & wyrms. It’s lovely just the way it is. Way to go. Cheers, Gina


  4. It looks great to me!! I’m a big fan of yellow!! Celeste 🙂


  5. It’s beautiful. I would hang it in my home. I guess I see things through my spirituality. The dragon being fear or the ego. The bird being self that is so carefully walking on fear trying to not arouse its ire. And the leaves as nature or our inner peace. One thought might be to darken and/or make the higher leaves more vibrant as they move away from the dragon. That’s my thought. 🙂


    • Thanks for the feedback Colleen. I like your interpretation very much. 😀 I _will_ be changing the leaves a little because they didn’t work very well in the frame. Also, I’m trying out something around the edges. I’ll post something when I think I’ve got it right.


  6. This is incredible, Sarah. You’re very good.


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