The Wyrms are Woven

From this:


To this:

afterweaveThe thicker paper was harder to weave but I managed it eventually.  The up-side is that the thicker paper means that the pieces stay locked into this knot shape without glue.  The one I made with thinner paper falls apart quite easily.


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  1. Sarah this thing is amazing, This is a fine piece of art as far as I am concerened, which makes me wonder. I know these have to take a lot of time but have you ever considered making soething like this and trying to sell it or does it just take awy to much time ?


    • Thanks for the compliments. I would love to make a living as an artist but I’m not a businesswoman. I do it for fun. Doing it for money would make it much less fun. 😉


  2. Wow, that is very artistic. Hi, Sarah.


  3. Absolutely gorgeous Sarah!


  4. I say, I say – way back in history the Celts and the Croats must have lived quite close to each other for the interlace is very prominent in both traditions 😀


    • Interesting. As far as I know, the Celts were spread quite widely across Europe until they were conquered by the Romans. Then the remaining unconquered Celtic tribes were restricted beyond the NW Roman borders – mainly in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and a few in France. (Any historians please feel free to correct my dodgy summary.) I will see if I can find any Croatian interlace on the Internet.


  5. Aye! You know the weave of Wyrd. 🙂 A fascinating Art project you have here!


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