Weaving Paper Again

I have been (slowly) working on my first piece for the Mayo Artist’s Show.  I was going to do one of my usual 2-dimensional knots but then my earlier experimentation with paper-weaving took me in a slightly new direction.  I thought it might be interesting to blog the work as it progresses.   Here is the original old sketch that the new work will be based on:

The final piece is going to consist of the knotted wyrms and the bird.  The dogs are okay but they don’t fit into the “story” of the picture.  I think I want the bird to be a magpie so it might change slightly.  The heads on the wyrms will be changing too.  The first step was to transfer the knot to graph-paper and experiment with the wyrm heads:
The next step was to separate out the wyrms and divide the long wyrm to eliminate overlapping parts:
Now the wyrms can be woven:
Next I transferred the wyrms to better paper:
I messed up one of the long wyrm pieces so I had to do that one again:
That’s it so far.


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  1. Well Hello stranger 🙂 I think it is a great idea to blog about the progress you are making on this project, along with the photos it makes it much clearer for someone like me to understand all the work that you put into you labors !


  2. Your artistry is amazing. It must take a lot of patience to make something so beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my site.


    • Thank you for your kind words. I find it easy to be patient with craft because I love making things.
      I’m glad to visit your blog. Your experiences and wisdom inspire me.


  3. I’m not familiar with weaving paper, but your project looks wonderful! Celeste 🙂


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