The Mayo Artists’ Show is Coming Again

The Mayo Artists’ Show is a biennial exhibition that is open to all artists in the county of Mayo in Ireland.  Artists can submit up to two pieces of art without providing evidence of any of the credentials that exhibitions usually require.  This is great for me because I don’t have any art qualifications and I’ve never sold a piece of art in my life.  I managed to get two pieces into the exhibition last time, and one the time before.  Here they are (sorry about the rubbish photography):

Enemies at Dinas Emrys smallcornucopia smallbikes small

The first one is called “Enemies at Dinas Emrys” after a story about dragons.  It uses Celtic Interlace and stylized dragons.  The second one is called “Cornucopia” and was produced by spraying paint through a piece of crochet and a few pieces of my childrens’ construction sets.  The third one is called “Two bikes, two lights” and is a painting of the pattern made by…  Can you guess?!  The colour doesn’t show up very well in the photo; it’s actually more green than it looks here.

Well the show is coming around again so I’m planning two more pieces to submit.  This year the entries have to be less than 20cm in any direction.  This suits me very well because I naturally work small and have to make an effort to make my art big.  I’ve decided to do one with Celtic interlace and one with origami and possibly some Japanese calligraphy.  I hope I can get them ready in time for the submission dates (14th-16th November).


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  1. Talent galore Sarah. Some are blessed with it like yourself and others like me just watch in utter amazement. I realize these aren’t easy to do and must take a lot of time but you defiantly have the gift !!


    • Why sir! You’ll make me blush! 😉
      I think everyone has a gift for something. We often value other people’s above our own because our own don’t seem remarkable to ourselves. You sir, produce wonderful photographs that I couldn’t hope to produce.
      I don’t think I draw/crochet/fold/create better than anyone else I just do it a lot so some of it turns out okay. I’ve always been driven to make things but I never valued my skills because nobody ever told me they were something worth valuing. But I’ve lived long enough now to realise that making things is my bliss and there are some people (thank you) who like what I create. It’s very liberating. 😀


      • Thank you Sarah but most all of the photographs on my wordless Wednesday post are old ones when I still had the touch. There is a noticeable difference in my new shots and my old ones. But I am trying to get back to where I was. This may sound strange but I am glad I made you blush. To use your own words draw/crochet/fold/create that is a lot of talents. I know people who have one or two but not as many as yours. I still think you are being much to humble about your work but maybe its like you said not many people have told you this before.


      • Well, I’m looking forward to accompanying you on your journey towards getting your “touch” back. I’d be glad of your company on my journey towards getting some confidence in what I’m doing. You’re helping a lot.


  2. Hey Sarah. I love “Two bikes, two lights.” (But all of them look wonderful!)


  3. Good work! But I especially like “Two bikes, two lights.” Your creativity shines.


  4. Impressively diverse images!


  5. Love your artwork, Two Bikes, Two Lights is my favourite.


  6. Good Luck, Sarah. Make sure you post it what you created.


  7. I like all of your work Sarah. Keeping making it cause it comes natural to you. Never stop.


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