Weaving Paper

weave2I was hoping to move on from paper soon but I made the mistake of borrowing a book from the library called “The Encyclopedia of Origami and Papercraft Techniques”.  (It’s a good overview and great for inspiration but it’s not what I would call encyclopaedic.)  One of the pictures in the section about paper-weaving looked intriguing so I thought I’d have a go (see photo).  All you need is scissors, glue and two sheets of paper of the same size but different colours.  You then cut one sheet of paper into horizontal strips and one into vertical strips.   You can make the strips as wiggly as you like.  I found it helpful to draw the cut-lines on first.  My sheets of paper were quite thin so I was able to see the cut-lines on the first sheet when I put the second sheet on top.  In this way I was able to make the lines on the two sheets match up somewhat.  However, I don’t think this is essential to making an interesting design.

I felt that I could have achieved the same effect by drawing the lines on one sheet of paper to create a wiggly grid and then painting alternate squares in different colours.  This is the kind of thing people do when they are doodling.  I guess one could make more interesting effects by using patterned paper but I felt that there must be a more sophisticated way to use this technique.  I googled for images on paper-weaving and found this amazing blog.  Wow!  Oh dear, oh dear, I can feel another paper-crafting binge coming on.  I must resist.  😀


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  1. Lookedat the blogyou recommended and can understand the want to try. Why resist.


    • Thanks for the comment. Why resist? There are so many other things I want to get done first. I can’t afford to get sucked into a new craft. One of the reasons I’ve blogged about it though is so that I remember to come back to it later.
      If you have a go though let me know, won’t you?


  2. I followed the link in your post and realized this could become addictive. I think maybe you are getting sucked into a new craft whether realize it or not :}


  3. You shouldn’t resist at all! You’re pretty good at it and enjoy it, so why not?


    • Thanks.
      My life is basically a fight against craft addiction! I have to find room for all the things I should be doing – like eating and bathing. Only kidding. 😉


  4. Sarah what a lovely paper weave. This is beautiful. Thank you for the follow and likes on my blog. I wanted to take the time to comment and visit today! I love you craft and you blog. I would not even know where to start with this beautiful creation you have made! 😀


  5. Wow that looks amazing! I might just have to give it a try myself, just as soon as I master the last new hobby I picked up 😉


    • Thank you! I’m always trying new crafts too. I had to ban myself from Pinterest because I was finding too many new things to try. One has to eat sometime and occasionally say hello to the kids… 😉


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