The Exuberance of Nature

This entry was inspired by a post featuring Japanese irises.  I love to see the plants that grow in different countries; some of them are familiar, some not so familiar.  Since you probably don’t live in Ireland (not many people do, apparently) I thought you might like to see some of the things that grow here.

I know I’m cheating a bit with this post.  This blog is supposed to be about things I create, and while gardening can be creative I’m not sure it fits under my “Art and Craft” umbrella.  In fact this post isn’t even mainly about gardening.  It’s mostly just about how wonderfully abundant Mother Nature is.  Ever since I moved to rural Ireland I’ve been amazed at the variety of wild plants that grow by the sides of the roads.  These photos were all taken within a few hundred yards of my house.  I haven’t even included them all.  There are many more plants that didn’t make the cut.  (I’m not a photographer so please forgive my less-than-professional snapshots.)

I’ve updated this post to try thumbnails instead of a slideshow.  If you click on any of the thumbnails they should take you into a slideshow where the captions show up a bit better than in the original.  Press <Esc> to come out of the slideshow.


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  1. I had no idea you lived in Ireland. The slide show was pretty interesting you do have a lot of wild plants so close to you and I don’t see how you can cheat on your own site there’s a word I am looking for but my brain just went dry so I will shut up 😊


  2. Susan Rhodes

    Beautiful slideshow! Your photos are awesome 😀


  3. Love the slideshow — you do have some beautiful countryside there! A very large variety of beautiful wildflowers and plants to look at. Your “wotsit” flowers kind of look like Queen Anne’s Lace, and they are lovely in arrangements! You have a fantastic garden, and I wish I had your green thumb — my gardens never looked as lush as yours! Thanks for taking us on a stroll around your neck of Ireland!


    • Thank you. I don’t really have green thumbs; the lushness has more to do with all the Irish rain. That’s the reason why the Emerald Isle is so green, I think. 😉


  4. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! We live in the Missouri Ozarks— & we have filled our yard with all kinds of flowers & trees & bushes– but my favorite are the wild flowers we planted!!!


  5. With the cool temperament of Ireland, as far as I can remember, it has so many shades of green. Very lush.


    • That’s right. However, in recent years, we’ve been having periods of very little rain and much harsher winters than usual. Climate change I guess.


  6. I thought I would stop by and view a few older posts from before I began to follow you. I’m glad I did. I love looking at flowers especially from other places. A few flowers such as the buttercups we have hear but a few were new to me. Beautiful. Thanks. 😀


  7. The Hairy House, Really Hairy! (A Very Good name for that). And a little Scary too!


    • I’m glad you spotted the hairy house. I like it, it makes me smile. I guess it could be scary. It’s probably not a good place to spend the night in.


  8. Reblogged this on Anglo Saxon Celt Creates and commented:

    Sorry for all the reblogs but I still don’t have anything to show you.
    I’m enjoying the autumn scenery at the moment but not the cold that has suddenly taken hold of this part of the world. I thought this might be a good time to reblog this old summer post to see if it can remind me of what it feels like to be warm.


  9. Maybe I’m biased being a photographer and all — but in art I figure you have to chose materials (a medium), color, use of light, arrangement, … I think you did all that with your photos. 😀


    • Thank you, that’s such a compliment coming from you. Skilled photography is definitely an artform, I just hadn’t dared think of my point-and-click technique in that way. I just wish I could hold the camera still so that the focus was a bit crisper. 😀


  10. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Wow I’m impressed by the foliage in your part of the world. I always thought there were nothing but wind swept cliffs and grass.


  11. Wonderful pictures. Love all the green and all the flowers. Great post, especially when everything here is brown:)


  12. I’m still getting all that in focus stuff down. Adds to the adventure for sure.

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  13. wonderful pics — ‘ go raibh maith agat ‘ !!


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