Simple Stripy Sleeve

glasses_sleeveI forgot to include this in my post of crochet-so-far.  Maybe it’s because I loathe having to wear reading glasses.  I made this sleeve for my glasses to protect them.  I was finding that when I wore them around my neck they were getting bumped into things and accumulating scratches and dirt.

The pattern is very easy to do.  You simply start with a foundation chain that is slightly longer than the width of the glasses.  Use an even number of chains (this includes one chain for the turn).  For the first row, turn and dc into second chain from hook.  1 ch and skip a chain, 1 dc.  Continue with ch/dc to the end of the row, 1 ch and turn.  Now skip a ch, 1 dc into dc and 1dc into ch-space.  Continue as before with ch/dc except now you do 2 dc at the end of the row.  These two rows form the pattern.  If you change colours after each second row you will get the pattern I got in the photo.  Different colour changes will produce different patterns.

I’ve used UK notation so if you’re used to US notation you need to convert dc to sc.  I’ve probably made the pattern sound more complicated than it is.  Here’s a chart that might show the simplicity more clearly (I’ve left out the turning chains):


Continue with the pattern until your piece wraps around your glasses with a little wiggle room.  Then join first and last rows together using your favourite joining method.  Tah-dah!  When I want to wear my glasses, the sleeve just slides along the neck cord and sits behind my neck.  It’s not ideal but I find it better then having to detach it each time.

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  1. These are delightful! Thanks so much for sharing the instructions. Cheers, Gina


  2. Mind following me? =)


  3. Do you mind if I reblog one of your origami post on my site I have never tried this before but I think some of my followers would enjoy it and it might give your site some more traffic 😊


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