Resonance Patterns and Celtic Interlace

ResonancePatternOn the left Margam Stones 14 Carreg Fedyddiolis a screenshot from a YouTube video (see below).  The video shows a sequence of patterns (called Chladni figures) produced as a sheet of metal resonates in response to a tone of steadily increasing frequency.  The sand sprinkled onto the sheet bounces around and settles in the parts where there is least vibration.  There are lots of videos on YouTube that show resonance effects in different materials.  I picked out this one because some of the patterns (like the one above) resemble man-made patterns like those used in Celtic interlace (on the right).  This interlace or knotwork can be found on old Celtic and Christian masonry or in old manuscripts like the Book of Kells.  I also use it in a lot of my artwork.  If you look closely at the background to my blog you will see that it is a tiling of knotwork wheels.  I will post more about knotwork when my origami binge has fizzled out.

:!:As it says in the video itself, the audio is very loud so you need to turn your volume down. ❗


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  1. Saw your “footprints” and follow on my blog so came for a 2nd. look around (I took a quick peek at some of your posts the other day). I very much enjoy the Celtic art theme (its a favourite of mine too. So since it unites too of my obsessions (history and art) and I’m also a great believer in peace and non violence Think I’m follow back so I can enjoy more.


    • Thank you for the follow Claire. I’m so glad to hear that you like Celtic art, etc. It’s great when we “meet” bloggers with similar interests. I look forward to getting to know you through your blog. Best wishes to you.

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